mlm-blog.jpgConsidering the fact that most of my network marketing downlines are generated from this MLM blog –, it is understandable that many of my leads, as well as many readers of this blog, want to use blogging as a tool to generate new leads and recruits. As such, I have decided to publish lots of (how to’s) MLM blog series to help you achieve just that. Here is what you can expect from the upcoming MLM blog series of (so far) 10 articles: 1. Why should you blog? There is much more to blogging than just generating leads. This post will explain why. 2. Mindset and motivation Most people who try to blog are either doing so with unrealistic expectations, or they have no idea how to stay motivated during the initial period before your MLM blog starts picking up speed. This post deals with that. 3. Planning There is an expression that says that, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It is harsh, but it is true. There are a few things you have to plan in detail before you get started, and the better your planning, the better your chances of success will be. 4. The domain and hosting for your new MLM blog What’s a domain name? Why does it matter? What happens if you choose the wrong domain name? What happens if you choose the wrong hosting company? 5. Setting up your mlm blog The basic setup of your new professional MLM blog – so you can “be on the internet”, as they say. And choosing the right theme can also make or break your network marketing success. 6. Settings and plugins There are a few basic settings that are essential, and a few must-have plugins. Be careful with the plugins, though, because they can slow your MLM blog down if you use too many, and that will cause many visitor to leave. 7. Creating content Content is what blogging is all about. But what are you going to say? How do you find something useful to say? How do you say it? There is more to blogging than “just blogging”. 8. Marketing your MLM blog You need to do certain things to promote both your mlm blog and yourself. yes, there is much more you can do, but this post deals with some of the basic “must-do” stuff to get your message out there, and to get people back to your network marketing blog. 9. List building – the next level of blogging Why should you bother to build a list? Why go to all that trouble? Is it still worthwhile doing it? We do some math – you can draw the conclusion for yourself. 10. List building tips and tricks Things you can do to get as many people on your list as possible. If you can get a good sign-up (or optin rate, as they call it), it won’t matter if your mlm blog doesn’t get loads and loads of visitors every day. And considering the fact that every referral can be worth a small fortune, you need to be as effective as you can in your list building efforts. We might be adding some more topics to the list, but for now that’s it. I hope this explains it as simply and as “do-able” as possible for everyone. If you’re ready to sponsor 4 – 8 NEW downlines monthly with your own MLM blog (like I regularly do) then subscribe to my email list to have it sent to your inbox so that you wouldn’t miss out on this FREE upcoming mlm blog series. =>Subscribe here for FREE MLM Guide<=

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