mlm business in 2017They say that if you keep doing the same things, you can expect the same results. In order to grow your MLM business in 2017, you may need to make some changes… Regardless of where you are at in your MLM career, there is always room for improvement. In some cases, those improvements can involve drastic changes, and in other cases it may simply be a case of honing your existing skills, and transferring more of those skills to your team members.

So – what can you do differently about your MLM business in 2017?

Here are a few key areas that need to be as good as you can possibly get it: 1. Be consistent: Are you working consistently? Or do you work hard for a few days or week, and then take a long break in between? Do you try to put in the same amount of hours every week, or do you only get up to speed when you feel like it? Consistency has two rewards: Consistent (and accumulative) results, and strong branding. Regardless of how many hours per week you are able to put into your biz opp, keep working at it consistently – like a farmer who consistently pays attention to his crops. 2. Improve your skill set: Regardless of how well the last year went, and regardless of your current level of expertise, there are always new things to learn, things to improve, and things to explore. Think about prospecting skills, online marketing skills, closing skills, and even some basic copywriting skills (to improve the quality of what you put out online). Even highly skilled network marketers like Jim Rohn and Al Schreiter kept learning long after they were classified as experts. Fair enough, they may have stopped learning from a network marketing mentor, but they learned from their observations about people, behavioral trends, and new discoveries in marketing psychology. There is always more to learn – and the more you learn, the better you become. The better you become, the more money you make. 3. Teach your downline: In order to derive the maximum possible benefit from your MLM business in 2017, your team has to be as effective as they can possibly be. Some people feel that “a teacher never teaches his/her pupils everything”, but the reality is that the more your downline knows, the more money they will make you. The more successful your team members become, the longer they will keep on making you money. And the more successful they are, and the more they know, the more they can help their recruits to do the same. Everyone in your downline is a potential money machine – empower them to work as well as they possibly can. 4. Tweak and improve your online presence: A part of this goes hand in hand with improving your skill set – because it revolves around copywriting. If you can master the basics of copywriting, you will be able to write better ads, better headlines, better blog posts, and better follow-up emails. You will be able to write better landing page copy, and it will also help you to choose your words more carefully when doing a network marketing presentation in person. The other part of this revolves around improving that which already exists. Go and look at old blog posts which contain good information, but never got many views. Try to improve the headlines, and have a look at the keyword content. Look at the copy (and the offer) on your landing page, or your optin widget on your blog. Do some split testing (expose each headline for say, a month) and keep the best one. You can split test headlines, bullet points, calls to action, graphics, and colours. This is just a quick, broad look at the topic – but if you really sit down with a pen and paper, and note down how you ran your network marketing campaign during 2016, you will be able to see what you can do to improve your MLM business in 2017.  

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