mlm careerIt may sound overly simplistic, but it is true. The outcome of your MLM career will be determined by your habits.

Fair enough, it is not the only factor at play, but it is a “make or break” factor, which could either take you towards success, or keep you from achieving it.

Allow me to explain…

Success is the result of doing small things right, over and over again. Those results compound, and according to Einstein, “compounding is the greatest force in the universe”.

As such, it also stands to reason that, if you do the wrong things over and over again, the lack of results will also compound, along with your frustration.

Think of your MLM career as creating a garden. If you have good habits, and work in your garden consistently, the result will eventually be visible as a great garden, possibly with plenty of flowers and a lot of flourishing plants.

If you have bad habits, and you neglect your daily work, the weeds will take over – and the results will compound as well – but they will not be good.

So – which good habits should you acquire for your MLM career?

Firstly, make a habit of being consistent. Not all of us have the same amount of time to devote to our businesses – but be sure to set aside as much time as makes sense for it as regularly as possible (preferably daily).

Success in any type of direct sales business comes from talking to people, whether that be in person or online. Out of every 100 people you talk to, some will view the presentation, and some will join you.

How many people out of the 100 will join you, or view the presentation, will depend on your abilities and your skill. But if you continue reaching out to people, getting signups is almost inevitable (unless you mess it up, of course).

If you work on your MLM business consistently, you will constantly be running up the numbers. And some will be interested, some will join, and some won’t. On the other hand, if you don’t work on it consistently, and start skipping days when you could have been working, two things happen:

a. The numbers are lower. As you are talking to fewer people, you will have fewer people viewing your presentation, and fewer people will sign up. That’s a matter of common sense.

b. Once your results slow down, you start losing your momentum. Once you lose your momentum, you start losing your motivation. Once you lose your motivation, you have a big problem, because your lack of enthusiasm will be apparent to people you deal with.

In fact, I would go as far as saying that if you don’t work on your MLM career consistently, you are probably doomed to fail. Statistics don’t lie.

Secondly, never stop learning. Partly because every new thing you learn makes you better at getting prospects, and converting them into recruits, and partly because there are always new possibilities and opportunities opening up around us. If we stop learning, we rob ourselves of the chance to accelerate our journey towards success.

Get a coach or mentor if you can afford it. If not, start reading. Follow good MLM blogs, and watch webinars and Google hangouts wherever you can.

Connect with other network marketers – in person or on forums or social groups – and exchange ideas. Ask questions. You don’t need to know a lot to make money, but there is a lot to know. If you have ever watched a webinar or hangout from someone like “Big Al’ or Eric Worre, you will know what I mean.

Lastly, balance your life. When you are new to your MLM career, you may want to ‘give it all”, and work on it until you drop. The problem is that it isn’t sustainable. Remember the tortoise and the rabbit? The tortoise was consistent…

If you try to do too much, you will both burn yourself out and lose momentum, or you can run into relationship problems if “you are always working”.

Once your partner withdraws his or her support for what you are trying to do, it becomes a lot harder to be successful, and it even becomes harder to be consistent – because your constant attention to your business results in friction.

There are many more good habits you may find useful – these are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. But at the end of the day, logic must prevail. Logic tells us that working consistently, at a pace you can manage and fit into your life, will yield consistent results.

On top of that, constantly improving your skills will mean that you are slowly but surely going to improve the number of presentations and new recruits (results) out of every 100 people you reach.

The success of your MLM career depends on your habits – the things you do without giving it any thought. It’s your choice whether those habits will contribute to your success, or destroy it. 

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