mlm closingMLM closing! Many network marketers dread the moment that they have to “close the deal”. Doing a presentation is one thing; getting a sale is another. Here are a few MLM closing tips to make your life easier.

In general, the best way to close an MLM prospect is to ask specific questions, and the answers he or she gives will “let them close themselves” (their answers will do 90% of the work for you). The better your choice of questions, the better chance you have of signing up a new recruit.

Questions You Can Ask During MLM Closing

Firstly, ask about his or her perception of the presentation. What are their thoughts, and are there any more questions? If there are any objections, this is where you allow them to surface and deal with them head-on.

Next, find out what is driving them to look at another source of income. Why did they come to view the presentation? Even if it was online, they still need a reason. Now and then some people may say they were simply curious, but most of the time people are after money for specific reasons.

What made them look at supplementing (and possibly eventually replacing) their income? Did anything change in their lives to create the need for it? Some people may want to gather money for something specific, like funds to study or extra money for medical bills.

Some of them just find they cannot cope with their current incomes, while others just got tired of never being able to live life the way they want to. Also, how important is it to them (on a scale from 1 to 10)? The more important it is, the more likely they will be to get on board, and the more likely they will be to commit to working consistently to get what they want.

Whatever the driving force may be, find it. As with any other sale, MLM closing depends on the leverage you have.

Next, ask them if they found a way to raise the money, or supplement their income yet. Judging by the fact that they viewed the presentation, they probably haven’t. This is another gentle “push” in the direction of the close, because here they have a viable option to make it happen.

By now you have set the scene – they have reminded themselves why they came, why they need the money, how important it is, and that they haven’t found any other way to get it.

Now for the big MLM closing question: If they were to consider getting involved in your opportunity, what would it take to make it worth their effort? In simpler terms, how much money do they want to make, with how much effort, over what period of time?

If the expectations are unrealistic (for instance if the person wants to make 5,000 US dollars in three months doing only one hour of work per day, you cannot help them), do some sensible adjustments to the figures, and see if they agree. If not, you won’t be able to work with them anyway. MLM closing, just like any other sale, is simply not always possible.

Once he or she agrees with you on the amount of money expected with the amount of effort involved, you simply have to ask them this one straight question:

“If I can show you how to make it (their expectations) happen, would you be willing to commit and work with me so that we can make this happen for you?”

At this point in time, all the objections have been addressed, he or she has all the information they need about the network marketing opportunity, they have supplied you with the driving force behind their desire to make money, and now you offer them a “do-able” way to get it.

And if they still hesitate, simply ask them to think about the reason they want it in the first place. Let them think about the end result, and what they stand to gain. The clearer the picture is in their minds, the closer you are to getting a new recruit.

You don’t need to use these MLM closing tips exactly as they are portrayed here – you may want to, or need to adapt to the specific circumstances of your conversation – but hopefully you will be able to apply some of these elements to bring you closer to a “yes”.


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