mlm companies in nigeriaHere’s my review of good MLM companies in Nigeria! Recent economic conditions have made most people start searching the internet, looking for opportunities to improve their lives. This has prompted the presence of a number of illegal pyramid scheme and legitimate MLM companies in Nigeria. After all, as one of the strongest economies in Africa, with a population which is ready for a better life and lifestyle, this country makes a lot of sense from a business point of view. So – at the moment we have a good selection of legitimate MLM companies in Nigeria – here are 20 of them, in no particular order: 1. GNLD or NEOLIFE GNLD – Golden NeoLife Diamite is an established company with a long track record worldwide. More than half a century old, this MLM company has proven their financial viability and stability many times over in different economic conditions. Their product range includes nutritional products/supplements, personal care, and home care products. GNLD allows you to transfer your distributorship to someone else – so you can build a business and the pass it on to your child or younger family member. Lastly, GNLD has earned a reputation for offering high quality products which, combined with a wide product range, helps distributors to attain and maintain a higher PV. Further reading: GNLD Network Marketing Review – You Deserve To Know The Truth  2. Trevo Trevo is one of the more expensive (to start) MLM companies in Nigeria. At almost double the cost of the average opportunity, their product line is limited to an exceptional energy drink which apparently contains more than 170 ingredients. The higher cost is both a good and a bad thing: While you will be recruiting from a smaller pool of prospects, the higher price also means larger commissions.

Their compensation plan is built around a “straight line matrix”. It is rather complex, but it includes no less than eight possible ways to get paid. Further reading: TREVO MLM Network Marketing Opportunity – My Own Review

Want to know the #1 recommended MLM company that has everything you need to grow a 7 figure business from home!Go here to see my #1 MLM company 3. Forever Living Products FLP is also one of the older, more established MLM companies in Nigeria. In stark contrast to Trevo, which was founded only a few years ago, FLP was founded in 1978. As such, it has proven to be a robust, financially solid company with a stable business model and good leadership. The product range is substantial, and everything is made from natural ingredients. One of the things which probably helped the company to survive this long is the fact that most of their products are ordinary, everyday things that people would buy anyway. They are not “luxury products” or novelties that people would need to cut down on if times became tough. Further reading: Forever Living In Nigeria Is Dead – My Review of FLP  4. Alliance in Motion Global is based in the Philippines. Founded in 2005, AIM Global is not really new any more. However, they have not expanded beyond the Philippines immediately, and they also only targeted a few well selected countries. Their business planning seems to be good, because their expansion plans seem to be focusing on countries with a lot of potential, but no saturation or restrictive business regulation. This careful selection means they do well in every new market they have moved into, including Nigeria. Their product range includes what they call “functional beverages”, supplements, cosmetic products, and essential natural products. A lot of it is products people use on a daily basis, which has a wide appeal. The compensation plan, although it also allows for different ways of earning commission, is based on a stair-step system – so it will reward those who work at it consistently. Further reading: Alliance In Motion Global Scam Review – What It Is In My Own Opinion! 5. Organo Gold Organo Gold, burst onto the global scene in 2008. I say “burst”, because they grew so fast that they had trouble keeping up with sullying their distributors with stock. So although they are not as old and established an MLM company in Nigeria as some others, their rapid growth did put them far ahead of other companies who started around the same time. The huge demand for the product (high quality coffee) means that the quality is exceptional. It is also one of the cheaper MLM opportunities to get started in. The basic compensation plan is a straightforward binary structure, but there are in act seven different ways to earn commissions. Further reading: Organo Gold Opportunity In Nigeria – My Own Review 6. Edmark is one of the older MLM companies in Nigeria. Established in 1984 in Malaysia, it has been around for more than two decades. It is one of the slightly cheaper opportunities to start up, with a product line focused on wellness and nutritional products. They have an interesting compensation plan which allows for no less than nine ways to get paid. The Edmark group of companies actually operate a range of different businesses, even including real estate development. It is safe to say that the company leadership is business-minded, and that is probably what see Edmark survive and thrive in a world where so many new MLM companies come and go without much success. 7. Longrich The Longrich Network Company Ltd has been going for more than three decades, and has proven to be solid and sustainable. The product line is expansive, including mostly everyday products like coffee and tea, personal care products, and baby care products. While it is slightly more expensive to get started, the products are all fast moving consumer goods, which helps to compound the sales figures. In addition to that, the fact that this MLM company in Nigeria is product driven and not recruitment-driven, means that your prospects are less likely to criticise it as a pyramid scheme. There is no monthly target, and your PV accumulates without expiring. As such, you don’t lose out on commissions if you are just starting out. 8. Tiens Tiens is a network marketing company that started out in China more than 20 years ago. At one stage it was even listed on the USA stock exchanges, but withdrew from the North American markets (USA and Canada) due to increasing resistance against MLM as a business model (in America, more and more network marketing companies are coming under fire because those in power are unwilling to accept the legitimacy of the business structure – just look at the problems that VEMMA experienced. Read full detail here: Vemma Update – The Sad Part and Implications ). However, this well established MLM company in Nigeria is still operating in more than 190 countries worldwide, and they are thriving despite their withdrawal from the USA. Their product range mostly focuses on health and wellness products, as well as some home care and pet care products. Besides offering a multitude of commissions and bonuses, the more prolific marketers can qualify to earn weekly commissions. 9. Kedi  Kedi tarted operating as an MLM company in Nigeria in 2006. The company is a subsidiary of Kedi Healthcare Industries Ltd from Hong Kong. The product line includes a number of lifestyle essentials, as well as herbal supplements that can help to address a wide variety of ailments (let’s face it – the Chinese people have always been great at creating natural remedies that work). Kedi is one of the cheaper opportunities to get started in, with no purchase required after registration, and no monthly targets. The “no pressure” setting may work well for some people, while others may find that their reps tend not to work as hard if they don’t have a target to chase. 10. Gaurapad This somewhat different from the typical MLM company in Nigeria. The founder, Bolaji Rosiji, has battled an ulcer for 21 years before it was healed by a product that is now part of the company’s product line-up. He was involved in the research and development, and the company was created not merely as a business, but as a means to bring the healing powers of their products to the masses. Of course, by making the business model an MLM structure, they also ensured that ordinary people would be able to benefit from referring others. While the company is still relatively new (founded in 2012), the research for solutions such as those contained in the product line started in 1991. 11. Oriflame Oriflame is an older, well established business. While Oriflame is relatively new as an MLM company in Nigeria, the original company was launched in the 1960’s in Sweden. Globally, they have a massive sales force. Fortunately, the fact that they are relatively new to Nigeria means that you won’t have to battle against market saturation as much as reps from other countries undoubtedly have to do. Dealing mostly with beauty and personal care products, the Oriflame opportunity is relatively cheap to get started. You may want to keep one thing in mind, however: Working your way up the ranks is a bit harder than in most other MLM companies in Nigeria – because you have to sponsor some of your team members up to your own level before you can advance to the next level, regardless of your PV. On the one hand this may seem like a drawback, but in fact it is good. It ensures that people who want to go somewhere in the company, invest the time and effort to help the people in their downlines to grow to their true potential – instead of just chasing sales volume numbers. 12. 4Life 4Life was founded in 1998 by a husband and wife duo that had a vision of helping people with both their lives and their incomes. While the original product – 4Life Transfer – started out focusing on supplements boosting the immune system, the company now has a team of professionals researching new and improved solutions to health problems. They also put back a lot of money into disadvantaged communities of the countries they operate in. The start-up cost is relatively modest – but do keep in mind that, unlike other MLM companies in Nigeria, 4Life expects you to renew your distributorship subscription every year. 13. Green Life Green Life is a Chinese company whose aim it is to bring Traditional Chinese Medicine to the whole world. The actual company was founded in 1988, but it wasn’t until 1998 that they started using MLM as a marketing business model. The high quality and great efficiency of their herbal products resulted in massive growth, and it obviously works wonders for customer retention. The product range or mostly focused on personal health. It is one of the more affordable MLM companies in Nigeria to get started in, while they offer some great bonuses for their top achievers – including a retirement package, and a housing bonus of 100,000 USD.

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14. Green World Green World is, as far as products go, also promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine products. The product range includes a wide variety of health and beauty products, which is constantly expended as the company continues to do more and more research into new applications for Chinese herbal remedies. However, as far as costs go, Green World is one of the cheaper MLM companies in Nigeria to join. That, combined with the well known efficiency of Traditional Chinese Medicine – or TCM as it is commonly referred to – will probably make it a more attainable choice for many people who lack the funds to get into one of the more established network marketing companies. In addition to that, the lower cost of joining also means that your prospects are risking less money to get started, and may be more eager to join. On the other side of the coin, however, the lower investment may also mean (for some people) that, since they stand to lose less money if they fail, there may not be enough motivation to keep going if the going gets tough. 15. Global Wealth Trade GWT is one of the more expensive MLM companies in Nigeria to get started – but it might just be worth it for those who do. GWT promotes luxury products across various lifestyles, and the marketing is aimed squarely at human nature. It is aimed at our desire to stand out from the crowd, or to fit in with a better crowd, and to showcase our achievements. Fair enough, not all of us are like that, but those who are will fall into the target market for GWT. The company’s first ever network marketing event in Nigeria attracted 1,200 people, which was described as “an insane number for an emerging market”. This alone demonstrates the human nature of desire, and the potential impact of this network marketing company in Nigeria. 16. Total Life Changes TLC is a USA based company selling a mix of health and wellness products, personal care and shape-wear products. The original company (SeAcai) was – literally – started in the basement of one of the founders, in Detroit in 1999. In 2012, the name was changed to Total Life Changes, and the business model changed to multi-level marketing. Since then, the company has expanded rapidly, and is now doing business in more than 150 countries. The fact that it is one of the lower priced opportunities from an MLM company in Nigeria, combined with the fact that commissions are calculated and paid out on a weekly basis, could make this an attractive option for some people. 17. Federico Mahora (FM) FM was founded in 2004 in Poland, and started expanding globally in 2007. The product line is an interesting mix of beauty- and personal care products, home care and anti-aging products. The cost for a starter kit is in line with other more established MLM companies in Nigeria, and the compensation plan is relatively simple (only four ways to get paid, as opposed to eight and nine ways from some other network marketing companies). However, the simplicity of the compensation plan means that there are higher margins in direct sales, which puts money in the pockets of new reps right from the start. If you are someone who just wants to make some extra money, and you are not bedazzled by promises of achiever bonuses and fancy compensation plans, this might just be for you. 18. Jeunesse Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC is another USA based network marketing company. Founded in 2009, it is a relatively new company – but it has already expanded into 85 countries globally. The compensation plan is a binary model, which works for some people, and not for others. You may also want to look at the fine print of some of the commissions, which has a number of prerequisites you need to fulfill in order to qualify for some of them. The product line is a blend of anti-aging, skin care and nutritional products. This relatively new MLM company in Nigeria appears to be aimed more at the higher income earners, and as such you may want to consider the type of person you would be dealing with as customers and prospects – and if you feel comfortable in those circles or not. 19. Syntek Syntek Global stems from LivElite Global – a USA company based in Utah, founded in 2008. While this MLM company in Nigeria is relatively new, it differs dramatically from other network marketing opportunities because it offers something nobody else does: A fuel additive that drastically improves fuel economy, while reducing wear and tear on your vehicle’s engine in the process. As such, the product addresses an ever-continuing and ever-growing need, which should position the company very well. The starting kit is slightly more expensive than those of other established network marketing companies in Nigeria, but the growth potential should be very good – even if the focus shifts more toward prolonging vehicle life span than actual fuel savings. 20. QNet QNet is a very interesting company. It was conceived in the Philippines in 1998, and today the headquarters are situated in Hong Kong. The company was founded after a great team of network marketers fell victim to the scams of a USA company, and decided to create their own network marketing company – and not simply walk away from all liability (which they could easily and legally have done). Their product range is very diverse, ranging from educational products, holidays, and motor care, to health, wellness, personal care and even watches. This means that your range of prospective customers is indeed quite vast, spanning multiple income classes. Qnet currently has offices in 25 countries and reps in more than 100 countries. That means they haven’t exploded onto the scene like some other MLM companies, but they gradually and systematically expanded – which in turn tells me their business principles are solid.

20 MLM Companies in Nigeria Review – Conclusion

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