domainIn this part 4 of MLM Blog Training, we need to discuss your new MLM blog domain name, where to get it, and some things NOT to do when registering your domain.

Now that you have finished your planning (part 3) and preparations – meaning, having the right mindset and motivation for MLM blogging (part2), we can now get busy…

How do you choose a good MLM blog domain name?

You have one of two choices. You can either use a keyword phrase like (just an example) – which is descriptive of what your blog offers – or you can use your own name, and brand yourself.

The first option might give you a slight edge in the search engines, while the second option may come across as more professional, and benefit you in other ways in the long run.

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Where to get MLM domain?

I suggest you get  from It is a reputable company, and it has been online for many years. Their sales process is so well set up that it offers every possible choice you may want to make along the line – not that I suggest you make any additional choices or take additional add-on’s.

Godaddy might not be the cheapest – but there are plenty of coupon codes for their product floating around on the internet (I have bought domains for as little as 99c). Just do a Google search for “Godaddy coupon code” – you will find a number of them. Copy them and paste them into a text file – because you do not know which ones have already expired. You will be asked for the code when you go to checkout.

What NOT to do:

Matt Cutts from Google has often stated that they do not give any preference to any domain extensions (dot com, dot info, etc) – but repeated tests by SEO experts have proven that some domains perform better than others, time after time. try to get a .com, .net or a .biz domain. If you want to use your own name, you could even use a .me domain extension.

In the past you could get a .org – but Google is not stupid any more, and they know when a website is about business and when it is about a non-profit organization. Do NOT get a .org, .info, or a .ws domain name. And unless you ONLY want to do business in a specific country, do not use MLM domain name with a specific country extension – like a .us, or a .ng.

If you use a country-specific domain name extension, Google will give you some benefit in the local search results, but worldwide you will rank lower.

Lastly, do NOT take the offer for domain privacy (not showing your registration information publicly). Yes, it may be tempting, but it has one serious disadvantage: If you hide that information, some potential customers may find it difficult to trust you. And all it takes is one negative write-up about it on Facebook or Twitter, and Google will index that remark, leaving it visible every time someone searches for your MLM blog.

Hosting your MLM domain:

I recommend going with Hostgator. Once again, their prices are chap, but not the cheapest – but you hardly ever have any problems with them, and if you have questions, they have online chat support around the clock. The smallest package will do – if you need you can upgrade later.

Now is the right time to go register your own MLM domain!  Because in the next post – part 5, we will be talking about connecting your domain name to your web hosting, and setting up your MLM blog.

Are you ready?



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