MLM mailing listIn part 8 of the MLM blog Training, we discussed how to market yourself and your blog – and now it is time to take things to the next level: Building MLM mailing list of prospects.

But why do I say that?

Firstly, we have to understand human nature. It is in our nature to be careful (survival instinct), and so we are wary of taking risks.

As such, most people need to be exposed roughly SEVEN TIMES to a new product before they make a decision. Some need more, and some need fewer, but that is the average.

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Getting people onto your MLM mailing list gives you additional opportunities to present them with an opportunity or a product to buy. Instead of visiting your MLM blog, and being gone forever, you now have the ability to follow up.

NOTE – in ALL industries where big money is spent (like cars, real estate, etc), you will find that ANY decent salesperson tries hard to get your contact details – simply because he or she knows the money is in the follow-up.

Secondly, it does not end there. When someone is on your MLM mailing list, you can also offer him or her other stuff to buy later on – once the initial email follow-up series is done.

In fact, once you have someone’s permission to email them, you have MANY opportunities to sell MANY products to them.

Thirdly, consider the mathematics of the above. How much is one referral worth in your network marketing opportunity? Or should we say, how much is one GOOD referral worth? You never know when someone who signs up online could be your next big moneymaker, so he or she can be worth thousands and thousands of dollars over the next few years.

If you consider that amount of money, it starts to make sense to try and keep in touch with every possible prospects in your MLM mailing list.

But once again, it does not end there. Even the ones who DON’T buy from you immediately, could still buy some of your other stuff you offer to them later on.

In fact, over a period of a year, you could end up offering the people on your MLM mailing list more things that could make you money.

You could sell them your own info product, or services related to network marketing, or books and videos, courses, tools, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Lastly, there is the fact that email is a “closed conversation”. Once a person reads your email, he or she gives you their undivided attention. There are no other advertisements, or even other content on the page that competes with you for their attention. And THAT is worth a lot – especially if you ever tried to sell something to someone who could not give you their full attention.

Sure, on your MLM blog you will most likely not have a great number of people optin in to your MLM mailing list – regardless of whether you use signup boxes, or links to a squeeze page.

But every person signing up is potentially worth thousands upon thousands of dollars – and in most cases, those are people that would have left your blog, with most of them gone forever.

Do you get the picture?

In the next part of the MLM blog training, we will talk about tips and tricks to get as many people on your MLM mailing list as possible, and to get the most out of your list as possible.

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