mlm marketing systemMany people who sign up for a network marketing opportunity, and start using the suggested MLM marketing system fail. But why did you fail if it is supposed to be such a good, proven system? Firstly, many people whose MLM marketing system fail, did not really do it as it was intended to be done. In many cases, especially among marketers with a little knowledge, they feel they can adapt the suggested steps to suit their own needs. Sadly, though, that usually means that they start cutting corners, and the resulting efforts are diluted – and so are the results. Secondly, not every MLM marketing system /strategy works for everyone. What works for you as an individual can be unique, depending on your personal preferences, and what you are good at (or not). Let’s face it – we are all good at different things; we just have to find out which. If you try to apply yourself to methods that are simply against your characteristics, you are bound to fail. If this is the case, you may want to explore other marketing, advertising and selling options. Thirdly, many people simply give up too soon. Keep in mind that, if you do not have any (successful) experience in MLM, there are some skills you will need to develop first, and these may take time. If you ‘re meeting people one-on-one or through direct selling on social networks, you will need to develop some basic sales skills, and if you want to place ads online or in a newspaper, you will have to learn a little about writing effective ads. If you want to blog, there is a technical learning curve, etc. Give yourself enough time so that you can master the methods you set out to use. Lastly, many people simply don’t believe in what they are selling. If you are not convinced about what you are offering, no matter how good your MLM marketing system are, your prospect will not buy from you. Your lack of certainty will cloud your ability to convey your sales message, and the prospect will be lost. Keep in mind that most people are skeptical about network marketing, so they might just be trying to find an excuse to back out of the conversation. If this happens to you, go talk to someone who has been with the company for a while, and is still able to retain his or her excitement and enthusiasm. Try to see the product or service, and the opportunity through their eyes, and the enthusiasm will rub off on you. Keep in mind that enthusiasm and excitement is contagious – meaning that if you can get it from someone else, you can pass it on to your prospect. Fair enough, not all your prospects will share your enthusiasm (some people just fail to see the big picture as you do), but some will – and those ones you can work with. At the end of the day, it is not often that the MLM marketing system fails. The people executing it may fail – sometimes in the details of the steps, and other times by losing their drive and momentum. Either way, by taking a step back and asking for advice, it can usually be fixed.

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