Personal DevelopmentMLM and personal development go hand in hand. A part of the road to success in network marketing is the quest for self improvement, which in turn allows you to achieve greater success in any venture you pursue.


If you find yourself in a toxic environment, your efforts to better yourself may be laid to waste. So – what classifies as a toxic environment?


1. Negative people: Yes, all of us feel “down” from time to time. It’s only human. But there are people who are always trying to find the negative perspective in any situation, and refuse to see any good in the world.

Spending too much time around someone like this can gradually wear you down until you lose faith in your ability to be successful. Try to spend as little time in conversation with people like these.

When you do, make a point of not giving any consideration to any of their negative thoughts. Trying to engage in personal development is of no use if someone else is breaking down everything you try to build, as you are trying to build it.

2. Family stress: Let’s face it – in some families there seems to be a constant stream of arguments. People with cropped-up frustrations and anger take it out on those nearest (and supposedly dearest) to them.

Personal development, and any measure of progressive success (MLM, career or any other business venture), can be incredibly difficult when starting from this environment.

Try not to get involved – wherever possible. If they try to suck you into an argument, don’t allow it. When you can afford it, move out.

3. Relationship stress: Many people profess to love the one they are with – but they unload all their personal frustrations and anger onto that person. If you are the one on the receiving end of the toxic relationship, you may want to reconsider the true value of the relationship.

As long as you have someone beating your down (mentally or physically or both), it is almost impossible to gather enough self confidence to believe in personal development, or MLM success. The person by your side can make or break you – whatever you try to achieve in life.

4. The “we-care-for-you” crowd: This is probably the most “dangerous” situation of all – when you are surrounded by caring, loving people who simply don’t believe that you are capable of achieving success in MLM.

It might be that they simply cannot grasp your vision, or that they simply cannot comprehend the business model, or that you have failed at many MLM companies before. They “just want to keep you from getting hurt”, so they encourage you to stop dreaming.

From a personal development point of view, this is the most difficult situation to find yourself in. Because these people really care about you, their opinion matters. Unfortunately, their opinion is that you aren’t capable of pulling it off…

The easiest way to get around it (without leaving home), is to pretend it is just a “hobby project” – something you are doing for fun. Once they see the money coming in, they will change their minds.

Success in any business, including MLM, goes hand in hand with personal development. Growing as a person is inevitable as you pursue greater goals.

However, surrounding yourself with the wrong people can hold you down, and keep you from leaving the spot you are standing on right now – even if they mean well.

As one wise man once said: Be careful of the environment you choose because it will shape you.


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