mlm programIf you are in an MLM program, you are not a monkey literally, but you could be such symbolically if you are guilty of this…. Keep reading. In MLM program, most people are like monkeys – always chasing “the next shiny thing” that comes along. Unfortunately, that comes at a price far bigger than you can imagine… Statistically, the “life span” of the average network marketer is roughly 57 days. That means that the average person getting into MLM program, usually cancels just before his or her third payment (if it is something that requires a monthly payment). Usually these people will then either walk away from MLM program for a while (but most come back – it is addictive…;), or they will go on to search for “the right program”. Of course, “the right MLM program” doesn’t exist – for most people, anyway. Fair enough, people get into things that would be difficult for them as inexperienced sellers in market, and some get into selling expensive stuff in low income neighbourhoods… But most of the time, the problem lies elsewhere. Sometimes it is because of poor support, sometimes because of high priced marketing material that new marketers cannot afford, and sometimes it is because the marketing material makes it seem easier than it really is. Most of the time, however, people join mlm program do not know what they are letting themselves in for, and are not prepared for what they have to face.

Whatever the reason may be…

This “monkey chasing shiny objects” syndrome may be costing you a fortune. Think logically:

If you keep jumping from one MLM program to the next for a few years, you could have been making a very good income already. Unfortunately, you are still at square one, so what you have lost is your top potential income for a period similar to the time you have spent “programme hopping”. For instance: If you keep on chasing “the right MLM program” for three years before you dig in and really get started, you will have lost three years at the peak of your income – because it will still take you time to grow to get there. You will also have lost any additional income streams you may have developed in that time – for instance, if you started marketing other programs to people in your downline, and you started building downlines in those programs as well… If you apply your time right, you can do a LOT in three years. Unfortunately, the damage goes deeper than that… You see, if other people see that you keep jumping from one MLM program to the next, they KNOW that you are unable to make money from it. As such, every time you get into a new mlm program, they first wait to see if you are going to leave it, or if you make money with it. Every time you change, you make it harder for yourself to succeed, regardless of whether it is a good change or not.You loose your credibility. So – in short: Stop the madness. Pick one sensible mlm program, and stick with it. Yes, if you have been “chasing shiny objects” for a while, then it will take a while before people will start trusting you. But if you don’t settle down and start promoting one mlm program seriously, very few people will ever trust you enough to do business with you.

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