MLM replicated website.jpgMLM replicated website, what is it – you may ask? It’s a website you get to promote your business online when you join an MLM opportunity or become affiliate.  When someone joins your team, they also receive their own personalized website from the company. The replicating URL is like “” Using the MLM replicated website as supplied by the company you promote is, for most people, logical. There are, however, some positive and negative factors you may want to consider before you decide to do so.

MLM Replicated Website – The Good Side

1. On the positive side, it is easy and convenient. You do not need to host and build your own website, worry about whether your hosting server can handle the amount of traffic you want to throw at it. 2. Most MLM replicated website pages appear quite professional, and for you, to create something of a similar quality might not be easy or cheap. Unfortunately, this is where the positives end…

MLM Replicated Website – the bad side

1. In many cases, the MLM replicated website’s landing pages, and even capture pages provided by MLM companies are simply pathetic. They seem to have been slapped together as an afterthought, and simply don’t stand out. To make things worse, many of these landing pages are either very generic, or they do not convey the real message you need to get across to your visitors. As such, the visitor often feels as if he or she “landed on the wrong page” after clicking through from the first page. 2. In many cases, inexperienced online marketers will try to gain exposure for these MLM replicated websites in inefficient ways, resulting in a lot of exposure but with a poor success ratio – for instance on traffic exchanges, and plastering their affiliate links all over social networks. People take note of this, and start associating the brand with a lack of professionalism. 3. Actions such as the above lead to over-exposure, eventually resulting in most people making up their minds (and leaving) without actually clicking through to see what the opportunity is about. Most newcomers want to “get in at the top” – so if they see something is being promoted to death, they will feel the competition is too much, and rather they find something else. 4. To make things words, many MLM replicated websites remain unchanged for years, regardless of how ineffective they have become. Just do a bit of math – by the time a company reaches fifty thousand members, how many times do you think those pages were exposed to potential prospects? Sadly, it is in the company’s own interest to ensure their MLM replicated website pages are as effective and as up to date as possible – but very few of them seem to care. So where does that leave you? You have two choices:
  1. Create your own landing pages. Once you attracted attention, and brought your basic message across, you can send the prospect to the MLM replicated website.
  2. Create unique MLM blog content – whether it be a video clip, a blog post, or even a slideshow – to bring your point across, and then send them to your MLM replicated website.
Whatever you do, just do something different. As long as you can stand out – even if your landing page or video clip is simple and crude – you will attract more attention, and you will have more prospects to work with.  

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