Eric Worre

Eric Worre – Many people have written about his book “Go Pro”, but not many people have ever done a review of Eric Worre himself – the man behind the book. There is a lot to tell, so…

An objective review of Eric Worre:

Having spent most of his twenty five years in network marketing as a distributor, Eric brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge.

He is the #2 Top 80 MLM Blogs 2016. On his blog – – and on his Youtube channel, he shares lots and lots of useful information.

However, no matter how much you learn from his public videos, you still get the feeling that what you are seeing is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and that there is loads more to be learnt from this guy.

During his very successful career, he has built massive downlines in various programs, eventually totaling more than half a million distributors in over 60 countries.

The peak of his career as a distributor came as the president of a $200-million company, and the startup of “The People’s Network” – his own network marketing company.

He has since moved into coaching and mentoring.

Due to his experiences in his career and his personal life, Eric Worre has a lot to offer. As a student of “Big Al” Schreiter, he has continuously worked on honing his skills as a direct seller.

His capabilities speak for themselves – not only as far as his personal direct sales are concerned, but also as far as network marketing coaching and mentoring is concerned.

In order for him to have created downlines of more than half a million, it is obvious that many of the people in his downlines also had to be very successful.

Given the fact that most of the people he recruited were “ordinary” people, the results they achieved says a lot about his teaching and leadership capabilities.

He does, however, concede that even with a large first level downline, most of your results are ultimately likely to come from just a few people.

While you may embark on a massive recruitment drive for while, the fact is that in a few years from now, just a few of those will still be making any meaningful contribution to your income.

In his personal life, he has also seen some tough times, even after he achieved success. A number of years ago, some of his investment decisions turned bad, and resulted in an incredible amount of financial pressure.

He had to come up with substantial amounts of money within ninety days. Drawing on his past experience in network marketing recruitment drives, combined with (at the time) some new ideas, he was able to do it.

The bottom line of this Eric Worre review is that he is a man who has done it all. He has seen success through commitment, he has been under financial strain and worked his way out of it, and he knows what it takes to make it to the top.

Not only that, but he has already taught a multitude of other people his network marketing and business principles, and helped a lot of people to “go pro” and become full time MLM professionals.

As such, he is someone who not only understands where you are coming from, but who knows how to help you to get to where you can be in your network marketing career – which, of course, will take you to where you want to be in your life.


Eric Worre focuses more on direct selling and active recruiting (whereas I choose to focus mostly on attraction marketing). As such, while his methods are brutally effective, some people will undoubtedly find his methods harder to apply. 

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