network-marketing-advertisingWhen it comes to network marketing advertising most people fail to generate prospects and sponsor down lines. This is because they are not aware of human nature. By reading this article, you will discover few concepts that top marketer are using in their advertisement that truly work and how you too can apply it in your network marketing advertising. The point is, network marketing advertising and human nature should go hand in hand. Once you understand a few basics of how people’s minds work, you will have much more MLM success with your network marketing advertising…. I read a book called “One Sentence Persuasion”.

Network Marketing Advertising – 5 Tips Learned From The Book “One Sentence Persuasion”

This is what it said: “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.” While this might sound somewhat simplistic and broad, you will be surprised at how powerful these tools are. In fact, once you start thinking, you will see how these five key concepts are incorporated into mainstream advertising. When you look at TV ads, you can usually see at least one of these concepts used in every advertisement you see… 1. Encourage their dreams: “now you can have the home you always dreamed of” “say goodbye to dirt and stains” “give your children the education they deserve” Do these lines sound familiar? They should. They are used over and over again by many advertisers – because they WORK. So apply it in your network marketing advertising. As long as people believe they can achieve their dreams, they will go for it. 2. Justify their failures: “are you still trying to do ‘X’ with oudated tools?” “everybody knows how hard it is do do ‘X’…” “you have no chance of doing ‘X’ because…” When you justify someone’s failures, you are also implying that there is hope,and that there is a solution – and you have your prospect paying attention again. So try such in your next network marketing advertising. 3. Allay their fears: “this product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee…..” “look at what our customers have to say…” “if you are not perfectly happy with the results, just…” People are instinctively afraid of losing anything of value. If they feel the risk is manageable, they tend to be much easier to persuade. 4. Confirm their suspicions: “you were right when you felt they were not telling you everything…” “do you every feel that ‘X’ should not be costing that much?” “did you ever feel that there was more to ‘X’ than you were made to believe?” and lastly… 5. Help them to throw rocks at their enemies: “stop paying ridiculously high bank charges” “insurance companies have taken enough of your hard earned money” “stop wasting money on ‘x’ – for once and for all” If you “confirm their suspicions” and/or “help them throw rocks at their enemies”, you “become their friend”. You team up with the prospect against others who want to “exploit” them. As soon as YOU become the “good guy” in the picture, it becomes easier to gain the trust of your future customer in your network marketing advertising.

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