network marketing blogTough question: should you have an MLM, or network marketing blog? The answer might not be as simple as it seems – it depends on yourself, and on the people you work with… On the one hand, you may feel that blogging is out of your plan, and that you have been building your network marketing without any mlm blog thing. Some may feel technologically challenged, and some may feel they do not know enough to be able to write anything of value for network marketing blog. Maybe, and maybe not. More about that letter – but for now, let’s look at the…

Benefits of starting an MLM, or network marketing blog:

1. In any line of business, regardless of whether it is multi level marketing, affiliate marketing, or just selling your own physical goods offline or online, there is a general consensus that “people buy from people know and trust”. The question is how can you build creativity and trust with your potential customers? Having a blog for your home based business allows you to “add a face to your offer”. People coming to your blog will be able to see who they are dealing with, and that makes it easier for them to trust you. 2. Your network marketing blog is a way of “branding yourself”. In other words, people will get to know you as a network marketer, regardless of which offer you are currently promoting. As such, even when you decide to promote another offer at any time in the future, more people will be willing to trust you, since they already came to know you as a person of value. 3. Lastly, your MLM or network marketing blog can help you to establish your credibility and expertise online. Yes, you may not start off as an expert, but as you learn and grow, this will reflect in your blog posts and your (increasingly confident) style of writing. If you keep at it consistently for a considerable amount of time, the sheer number of blog posts spread out over such a long period of time will automatically show that you speak from a position of knowledge and experience. Keep in mind that the average network marketer’s “career” does not last long – many people try to make it, but since they are unwilling to work at it, they fail. Those who persist are the ones who become successful, and those are the ones that earn the respect of the people who come to visit their blogs. To get back to the POINT: As a network marketer who is serious about attaining mlm success, you should constantly read and learning from other multi level marketing professionals. Every time you learn something, just write a blog post about it. Additionally, as you recruit people into your network marketing opportunity, pay attention to the questions they ask – and write posts on about them on your network marketing blog. That way, those “answers” are there for the entire world to see, and bit by bit they will add to your credibility. Just make sure to setup your own network marketing blog and keep on working your business.

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