Network marketing downline motivation, has always been the most sought-after issue and that is why I have chosen to write about it in this article. I am going to expose you to some of the secrets that will help you effectively motivate your downlines for maximum results. When you hear the word ‘network marketing downline motivation’ what comes to your mind? Perhaps you may think of those team meetings where the leader or someone from uptown mounts the stage and tries to psyche everyone up with an uncontrolled display of excitement and enthusiasm. He talks big and tough on why you should find a bigger why for getting involved in multi-level marketing. He talks about having dreams that are bigger than the Tower of Babel. He insults your intelligence by saying that the reason for your lack of success is that you are not motivated enough. He goes on and on ranting and vibrating as if success in mlm is an acrobatic exercise. Sometimes you cannot help but wonder whether this is actually a BUSINESS meeting or some kind of religious crusade. Towards the end of his so-called network marketing downline motivational speech, he recommends that you all in the unknowing audience cut big pictures of the car of your dreams, the house of your dreams and even the woman/man of your dreams and paste them everywhere around your home: in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, veranda and possibly on your street so you will be constantly reminded of the reason for joining mlm. This, he says, will motivate you to succeed Think he’s done? Not until he has asked you to recite some positive affirmative statements of success first thing in the morning and last thing in the night in front of the full-size mirror in the bedroom. He then concludes his speech with the story of how he sponsored his entire family tree in the first three days of his business and was able to earn a 9-figure income the first month. He asks you all to chant the mantra: “IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU” I know what I’m talking about because I have been in such meetings in the past. Fortunately for me, that was in the past All those noise people call network marketing downline motivation in our industry is nothing more than a distraction. Up-lines are using that blind to hide their helplessness. The truth is they do not know how to inspire and motivate their downlines and they are afraid to tell them so. It is very important for you as a leader in your MLM Company to learn the right ways to keep your network marketing downlines motivated. Few things you have to do will get your network marketing downlines motivated to take action and achieve their mlm success. Unlike the so-called mlm downline motivation described above, who failed to acknowledge the facts that what their downline needs at that moment is a How-to guide that will help them grow their business not chanting of some positive affirmative statements of success. You see, before you can effectively motivate your network marketing downlines, you must first identify why they are unmotivated. For example, it could be because of inability to recruit new downlines or lacks of marketing strategies to get customers buy their products or services. Rather than conclude that your down-lines are not the right person to work with you in your network marketing business, why not find out why they aren’t building their business. Because, if you can’t find out the reason, you are not able to offer them any real solution.Therefore, find out WHY. Provide them with a solution that gets them excited again to start working in their business. A true network marketing team motivation is the one that really motivates the receiver – your downlines, helping them take action to achieve their dreams.

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