network marketing earningsWhen it comes to network marketing earnings, promises and reality are usually worlds apart.

But why is it so?

Is it because they are trying to hype people into buying from them, or is there more to it? Let’s find out.

The reason why theory and practical do not always match up is because there are more variables to the equation than you are being told about…

Network Marketing Earnings In theory:

You refer three people, and they refer three, and they refer three – for let’s say, ten levels deep.

At $1 per person per month, that would give you an income of just under $90,000 per month. And in theory, all you have to do is to refer three people, right?


In order to achieve those network marketing earnings, you have to refer 3 people WHO EACH REFER 3 PEOPLE, and they each have to refer three people who refer three people, etc…

AND THEN those people have to remain active to share in network marketing earnings…

Network marketing Earnings – The Truth You Should Know:

1. They don’t tell you how hard it is going to be to refer those three people (ok, unless you have a nice advertising budget to work with). So where you thought it was going to take you few days, it ends up taking you few months – and a lot of work.

2. Most of the people you refer simply fall off the deal and quit when they see how much hard work is involved – so you have to re-do those three people many times over (that’s why it takes so long and why it takes so much work to have enough share in network marketing earnings).

3. The people you bring into your network marketing opportunity are faced with the same realities – so the “just refer three people” makes it sound overly simple.

Network Marketing Earnings – The reality:

Most people would probably run away if they knew how much work it would take when they see the first presentation. It is presented as something “easy that anyone can do” in order to drive more sales…

Let’s face it – more than 90% of people getting into network marketing fail miserably – BUT the big boys still end up taking their money, AND they even make MORE money off them selling them training materials and “must-have” marketing tools…

Sound familiar?

Is it ethical? No.

Is it lucrative? If you don’t have a conscience, yes.

You don’t keep taking someone’s money (which he or she may even have taken out of their essentials budget), and force them to spend even more “in order to be successful” if you know there is a 90%+ probability of failure. This is exactly the kind of thing that gave the MLM and network marketing industry a bad name.

If someone wants to get into network marketing, he or she has to understand the realities – just like anyone buying a business needs to understand what he or she is letting him- or herself into.

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Bottom line… If you are withholding the reality, promising great network marketing earnings while you know your prospects have little chance of ever making it (but you milk them dry along the way anyway)…

You are a scammer. A con artist. Someone who preys on the dreams of others.


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