Building a NNetwork Marketing On Facebooketwork Marketing on Facebook has become increasingly difficult over the past few years.  At one stage it was incredibly easy, but now it has changed due to a combination of strict rules and a lot of competition. Once upon a time, network marketing on Facebook was easy. You could post ads, you could post links, and the updates from your Facebook page would show on all the timelines of all people who liked it. You were able to easily add an optin form to your page, allowing you to build a list right there – prospects could sign up without even having to leave Facebook. Life was good. But sadly, things changed. As is the case with a lot of desperate MLMers doing network marketing on Facebook, the spamming rate became increasingly high. Other people complained. Facebook took notice, and took broad steps to ensure the “pleasant user experience” of the masses. After all, who wants to be bombarded with “join my opportunity” and “make money now” offers while trying to look at all the funny things your friends did? Granted, the forced changes to pages and what you could do with them was harsh for those of us building our network marketing on Facebook. Their limitations took a number of basic business tools out of the hands of anyone who created a Facebook page (such as adding a call to action in your header image), and as such many pages were abandoned. Their systematic removal of updates from pages you liked from your personal timeline was also understandable (some people liked many, many pages, and it caused clutter), but since they never gave you as a user the option whether you want to see the updates on your timeline or not, the page owners were basically forced to advertise to get visitors. The only way to get exposure was if someone deliberately went to your page and shared some content from it. Additionally, more and more people jumped on the bandwagon, and it has become increasingly difficult to stand out.

So – where does that leave you if you want to engage in network marketing on Facebook?

It basically leaves you with one of two choices: 1. You can start spamming the groups related to network marketing with your opportunity. The current trend for most people doing network marketing on Facebook is to use a graphic ad, with no link – but the link is displayed on the graphic. It is eye-catching, and there are no hassles with Facebook complaining about the number of links you are posting. The problem is… Everybody seems to be doing it. If you follow that road, you will have a “me, too” business approach. Do not expect any spectacular results, unless you can use software to spam hundreds of groups every day.
  1. Start connecting with people. Be real. Don’t just be another distributor doing network marketing on Facebook, but be yourself as well.
People connect with people. They buy into products and companies because they feel comfortable dealing with people. How can you do so?

Growing Your Network Marketing on Facebook –  Top 7 Tips: The solution

You will agree with me that doing network marketing on Facebook can be lucrative if done right. After all, you have millions of prospects to choose from. And if you do it right, you will not only generate more prospects and build a downline, but also a platform from where you can launch any new business idea in the future.
  1. Firstly, make full use of your personal profile. Your current friends might not be into network marketing, but you can share other stuff that they will re-share, and attract some people to you.
For instance – inspirational and motivational content is easily shared and re-shared, and it can lead people back to you. The more your content is shared, the more you will find friend requests from people you never knew.
  1. Make a statement – but do it is such a way that it creates curiosity. As you do network marketing on Facebook, take note that Facebook allows you to have a nice header image on top of your profile page, so make full use of that.
Create a header image that portrays the lifestyle you want to sell (that is what you are doing, right? MLM is just the tool to get it).
  1. Be human – not in the sense that you need to post about tiny insignificant events in your life, but you will need to balance your business with portraying your personal side.
After all, it is a social network, and people want to connect with people. If you share stuff about your personal interests as well, people are less likely to disregard everything you post.
  1. Make connections. People want to connect with people, not advertisements. The very fact that Facebook is such a huge success is proof of that.
When you make a new connection as you run your network marketing on Facebook, have a quick chat. Another thing you want to know when doing network marketing on Facebook is that you’re going to answer some questions. (as you are going to ask them what they do for a living too). When they ask you, simply tell them you are a network marketer. Some of them will not ask any more after that, and some of them will. Some will become prospects, and some will become recruits. Be sure to spend time on some of the MLM groups. Don’t spread it out too wide, but pick a few, and work them for some time. You can easily connect with like-minded people.
  1. Position yourself. Keep in mind that, when doing network marketing on Facebook, you will at some stage have to position yourself as a leader and an expert –  very important.
Now before you object to the thought, please bear in mind that, in order to become successful in MLM you will HAVE TO become a leader, and your team will look up to you as an expert. That’s just the way it is in this business. You recruit others, and they look up to you. Step up to the plate and take your rightful place.
  1. Another great way to do network marketing on Facebook is by creating your own group(s). Firstly, you will have to create a group for your MLM team once it starts growing.
It makes sense, since you can motivate and engage everyone in one place, while allowing everyone else to engage and help the slower learners. Secondly, consider creating a group that will not be about the topic of MLM or making money online, but which will attract the right type of person, and will bring you some new prospects to work with. You could, for instance, create a group about motivation or self improvement. You could create a group about setting and achieving goals. You could create a group focused on the frustrations of people in dead end jobs. And since it is your group, you are free to advertise in it as you like. Also remember that many people do not turn off group notifications, so they get all the group posts on their timelines.
  1. Lastly, stay up to date on new techniques. The exact techniques and tactics that work will change from time to time.

Doing Network Marketing On Facebook In Conclusion

Follow some of the top social blogs and expert who are really seeing success doing network marketing on Facebook. When a new idea pops up, try it out and see if it works for you. If it works, keep it. Yes, it is more work, and harder work. But do keep in mind that you will attract a better quality prospect, and you will recruit people who will be more likely to stick with the program – because they consider you to be a friend. Always remember – while the tactics and techniques will vary, the principles of doing network marketing on Facebook will always be the same (as it always has been). As long as you do things in the right way, you will attract the right type of person, and with the right type of person/prospect, you will be able to build a dedicated and grow your network marketing on Facebook.

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