nework marketing product customersThe greatest problem facing every network marketer is how to get retail network marketing product customers to buy their products. Finding and retaining retail customers holds the secret to lasting and sustainable growth in your mlm business. As everyone else is working their tails off trying to recruit everybody in skirts and trousers, how can you capitalize on product retailing and build a real business based on real product customers? By reading this article you will learn how to solve the greatest problem you’re battling with right now: how to get network marketing product customers The market is saturated with network marketers offering similar products as you do. It is not enough to tell anyone who cares to listen that your products are simply the best. Every other mlmer is saying the same thing. How then can you create an endless stream of retail customers for your mlm products? The first thing to do is to target a specific group of people. You should learn how to identify the best target market for your products. When it is clear to you who your potential customers are (people who are looking for what you have) it’s then time to position yourself to attract them to you. Attracting network marketing product customers who are looking for what you have is better and more professional than approaching unqualified people with what you want to sell How can you do that? Pitching Was Then, Teaching Is Now Educational marketing is the secret key that will open  the door of retail customers for your network marketing products While your upline and other network marketers are using the old-school promotional method of pitching, you should be using the new-school educational system of teaching Positioning yourself, not as another product salesman, but as an expert providing solutions to people’s problems is the sure-fire strategy that wins any time any day But what is Educational marketing? As the name implies, this is simply educating your target market by providing information that is of real value to them with respect to their problems, needs and concerns that you will eventually help them solve. It involves teaching your prospective customers not about your product but about the problem they have and showing them available options they could explore in their efforts to get a solution Educational marketing is an art which you as a professional mlmer need to master and use to create retail product customers that are loyal and cooperative. Educational marketing is based on the principle that: To get what you want, first give people what they want. What do they want?
  •  People do not want features, they want benefits
  •  People do not want products, they want solutions
  •  People do not want your company, they want someone who cares
Always remember this: “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care” In educational marketing, the first rule is: Build the relationship and the relationship will help build your network marketing product customers.

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