Network Marketing prospectsAt first, it was to find Network Marketing prospects – people to present your business opportunity to. Now, you have them, a lot! What next? This time, it’s how to convince your MLM prospect that they will make money when you are new and not making any money. Ready to convince your Network Marketing prospects? For most people who are new to, or as yet unsuccessful in MLM, a prospect asking “so how much are YOU making from this?” is the worst situation they can imagine, and usually results in lost sale. However, that need not be the case, and there is in fact a simple, logical way around it: Take the focus away from yourself, and let them look at the opportunity itself.

Some Examples To Convince Your Network Marketing prospects If You are New

For instance… You get the dreaded question from your Network Marketing prospects – and this is how you can respond: “My success doesn’t guarantee yours – you have to decide if this can work for YOU”. If the prospect seems puzzled or unconvinced, you can explain it like this: Person “A” has a business that does home renovations. Person “B” buys and sells diamonds, and he or she make a lot of money doing it. Person “B” tells person “A” that he or she can make a lot more money by selling diamonds. Will the success of person “B” ensure that person “A” will make money from buying and selling diamonds? After all, there are many other people buying and selling diamonds, and many of them make good money from it. The success or failure of your business depends on YOU and how YOU run it. You can join an Network Marketing opportunity under the top sponsor in the company, and you still wouldn’t be assured of your success, because your success is in your own hands. On the other hand, there have been many cases of people who have bought businesses that were going down, and they turned them around into profitability again. Many others have started businesses which other people gave no chance of success – and yet they thrived against all odds. The success of any business depends partly on skills, partly on competition & market saturation, and mostly on the passion & determination of the person doing it. The point you want to bring across to your Network Marketing prospects is that how much money YOU make – or don’t – is irrelevant. You could be making a fortune, and they might not be able to, or you could be making nothing, while they could make lots of money from it. Once you can bring this point home, you can simply encourage your Network Marketing prospects to evaluate your business opportunity for what it is, and judge it on whether he or she can see themselves making a success of it. They have to buy into your MLM opportunity, and not into your personal success.  

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