one-on-one presentationEffective One-on-one presentation is essential for your your network marketing success. Because no matter your system for generating leads for your business, there comes the time when you must do one-on-one presentation of your product and business opportunity with the prospect. Conducting effective and productive one-on-one presentations that converts a prospect into a buyer is critical to your success in mlm. By reading this article you will among other things learn how to do one-on-one business presentation with confidence and persuasion As a professional networker using educational marketing system, your objective is to use one-on-one presentation to provide real value to your prospects instead of pitching them. There are however factors to keep in mind when setting up an appointment. Before scheduling to meet a prospect one-on-one you must be certain that he is already pre-sold on you. That is to say that you must have earned some credibility in the mind of the prospect, and he must be eagerly anticipating the appointment. To achieve this, you must have been positioned as someone with a formula for solving the prospect’s problem. For more information on preselling your prospect and positioning yourself as an expert with value to offer, follow this link Secondly, you must be sure that the person you are going to spend time with one-on-one presentation is a qualified prospect. You do not want to waste your time with someone you shouldn’t even be talking to in the first place. Always remember that among all your resources the most valuable is time. It makes business sense to spend it wisely with someone who deserves it. Most network marketers in Nigeria make the mistake of doing one-on-one with an unqualified suspect. After showing the business and the plan, their so-called prospect thanks them for the brilliant presentation and then tells them: “the business is good and the marketing plan is wonderful, but sorry I’m not interested.” Only after then do they realize that the whole exercise was a sheer waste of time One-on-one presentations are not the avenue for sorting and qualifying people. It is the time for providing valuable information to someone who is seeking for it and not someone you want to convince that your opportunity is good for him If the above prerequisites for setting up one-on-one appointment are met, how can you proceed with the presentation? First, let the tools do the talking How? Most network marketers rely on word of mouth for their marketing. This is a huge mistake. This old-school approach is not only stressful and energy-sapping but also gives the industry a tacky, unprofessional image. As a professional marketer, it is smart business practice to apply leverage in everything you do including one-on-one presentations. How then can you conduct professional presentations that are not only appealing but also compelling? Use presentation tools: flipchart, slides, DVDs etc. It is necessary to sound a warning here Avoid your company’s presentation materials. Why? All the hundreds and thousands of your company’s distributors are using the same stuff. For someone who wants to stand out and position himself as an expert you cant be using the same replicated materials that everyone else is using.

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