online-marketingAs we progress through online marketing, we find that our aim gradually shifts as we learn. As such, we come to know the stepping stones, or degrees of comparison of online marketing and making money on the internet:

1. Direct linking For Online Marketing

This is where most people start off. They write articles, or post to social media sites, or even slap up a banner on a blog – all pointing directly to the product they would like to sell. While it makes for the easiest solution, it is not necessarily the best for online marketing.

2. Landing pages

Also known as splash pages – where you write an article around the need for the product or service you would like to sell. At least in this case, you have the opportunity to pre-sell to the prospect, or warm him or her up to what you want to offer.

3. Building a mailing list

The next logical step is to start capturing email addresses, and allow yourself additional opportunities to sell to your prospects. While this does take a lot of work, it also safeguards you against ups and downs in search engines, social sites changing their terms of service, and an over-crowded marketplace.

4. Selling recurring products

The next step is to make money for longer from the same client – which can be achieved by having him or her sign up to a membership, service, or coaching program which will pay you repeatedly. All in all, it is about increasing the total value of each client.

5. Your own products

Having your own products to sell – unique stuff – means that you can get paid more per sale. It also means that you can do joint ventures with other people in online marketing niche who have big mailing lists.

6. Your own affiliates

Having other people sell your products means that you suddenly have leverage. Suddenly your name – and your product’s name – is spread all over the web. You multiply your efforts. Of course, having affiliates selling your own recurring products is a very lucrative option for online marketing..

7. Network marketing

Of course. You combine all the good elements of the above, but with much less work. Fair enough, it does not happen overnight, but the possibilities are enormous…

Let’s see:

You have affiliates helping you sell the product (which you did not have to create) – on which you get commission a number of levels down.

You have many other people talking about the product, so branding is not a problem.

Usually, the income is recurring – indefinitely.

After a while, your network starts to take on a life of its own, and grows by itself.


Mathematically speaking, network marketing is the ultimate online marketing business model. Sure, the industry has a bad name (due to pyramid schemes) – but so does time share and a few other things, all of which are still going strong.


Do the math.

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