rain mlm reviewRain MLM Review – here is my findings! There’s a lot of talk around the RAIN International opportunity at present – and rightly so. This RAIN MLM review is the result of my in-depth explorations about the company, the products, and the opportunity.

Firstly, let’s talk about the company:

Rain International was launched in 2009 by a team of people who had more than 40 years of combined network marketing experience.

Between them, they have worked in more than 30 countries, exposing them to a vastly diverse range of economic- and market conditions.

All of them, however, agreed that “the seed” was the way to go (more about that later, when we talk about the products).

The founding team had a vision, which remains to this day: They want to improve the world. On the one hand they do it by selling products that really improve the lives of those who consume them, and on the other hand they want to empower individuals to build sustainable businesses for themselves.

This vision is important, even though it may sound simple. Steve Jobs from Apple(R) said “as a brand, you have to stand for something – something bigger than just your products or services. People need to be able to identify with what you stand for.”

Having been launched in 2009, the company has been around for long enough to prove that they can withstand the test of time (most businesses fail in the first five years), but not for so long that they have reached distribution levels approaching market saturation.

In fact, so far they have only expanded into 21 countries. To me, that means that, unlike some other companies who want to explode into the global market, they did things sensibly. They took on one or two countries at a time, and made sure their logistics, marketing, payment systems, etc was in place (before they moved on to the next country). The fact that they have regional offices in 11 of those 21 countries, tells me they have a solid infrastructure in place.

Lastly, when you combine all of this with the fact that they are new to Nigeria and Africa, the logical conclusion (from this portion of the RAIN MLM review) means we now have a great opportunity from a solid, sensibly managed company.

Secondly, let’s talk about the rain products:

Both products, titled Soul and Core, are made primarily from seeds which are cold pressed to preserve the contents as nature intended (heat and chemical processes mess that up, so they stayed away from it). Of course, Rain International has other great products which may not be available your country.

Feel free to explore the documented, independently researched benefits of each ingredient, and you will find that the products are actually able to deliver on the promises of the manufacturer.

The products are packaged into small, soft packages from which you can consume the contents directly, which make it perfect for active and busy people. Just stuff one or two into the pockets of your pants, or into your handbag, and use it when you want to.

There is no need to have water or a container available – as would have been the case if it were packaged as capsules, for instance.

The combination of incredible (proven by research, and not only by the RAIN MLM company) health benefits, and the convenient packaging is in line with the company’s history of thinking things through very well before they do it. As with their company expansion plans, the contents and the packaging of the products were executed in a very practical, sensible way.

So, for this section of the RAIN MLM review, I would say the products look great. Given our warm climate, which is a perfect breeding ground for many potential infections, the health benefits should be welcomed by many people.

Thirdly, let’s talk about the rain compensation plan:

RAIN MLM Review Commission Plan Explained – Video

As you can see, this is some pretty powerful math. As experienced network marketers, top management knows that the new distributors rely heavily on their front end sales. As such, they made it possible to earn in no less than nine different ways on the front end.

The downline format is a straight binary system, with a few twists designed to encourage people to work deep down into their downlines, and elevate their whole teams.

There are also specific mechanisms in place that makes the RAIN MLM compensation plan much more fair than those offered by most other companies (for instance with the weekly bonus payouts on your downline, where you don’t forfeit the points “left over” in the longer leg, but it stays there and accumulates until your other leg catches up).

The more I look at it, the more I see – once again – that it was well thought through. It addresses the need to make money fast, it offers incredible potential for growth, and commission payments are paid out on a weekly basis – and that helps a lot if you have running expenses that need to be covered.

Lastly, depending on how big you want to go, there are starting packages from just over 39k Naira, right up to almost 775k Naira. Bonuses start from simple Customer and First Order Bonuses on single sales.

So, for this part of the RAIN MLM review, I once again have to say that it was well thought through, taking all aspects of practical challenges and the long term growth of their distributors into consideration.

RAIN MLM Review – My conclusion:

The RAIN opportunity seems to have a lot in its favour. While the company itself is well established, the opportunity is new to Nigeria. That means there is a lot of potential, without the risk of a new company (which still has to prove itself).

The products should have a wide appeal in the marketplace, especially considering the combination of health benefits, convenience, and reasonable pricing.

The comp plan is pretty mind boggling if you are new to network marketing – but all you actually need to know is that it will be really, really worth your while to just dig in and keep working.

At the end of the day, the verdict of my RAIN MLM review has to be that this opportunity has everything going for it. In fact, the magnitude of your success will be determined purely by the amount of effort you are willing to put into it.

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