Have you ever wondered why prospects don’t buy in MLM or MLM products? Have you ever asked why your MLM prospects don’t believe in your business? The #1 reason is both simple and complex:

You didn’t ASK.

Simple, right? Well, maybe, or maybe not.

You probably had this scenario more than once:

Let’s say you talk to someone who is interested. And then do a presentation based on his or her needs. You are careful to ensure that you address every possible objection that he or she may have. You make sure that you provide the necessary information about your business that will be persuading enough. He or she agrees with everything you say. Yet, when the time comes for your new MLM recruit to sign up, nothing happens.

It’s easy to get worried. You are now wondering why prospects don’t buy in MLM.

Why prospects don’t buy in MLM: You didn’t ASK.

Most professional network marketers refer to it as “closing”. The concept of “closing” is not unique to MLM – it is applied in any situation where a sale is made. It even applies to online sales letters and promotional emails. Even a promotional text message on your phone contains a “closing line”.

Allow me to explain…

The reason why your MLM prospects don’t buy – in different situations:

When you do a presentation, whether it is online (blog post or video, or even an email) or in person, or on the phone or Zoom, YOU are taking the lead. YOU are guiding the prospect’s thought process all along the way. And YOU decide when to offer which piece of information, and YOU decide how to respond to their questions and objections.

Also, YOU control the entire conversation – that is why it is called “a presentation” and not “a conversation”.

Take Control of the Situation with Prospects

Now think logically: By taking control of the situation, and effectively leading the prospect down a road where he or she discovers everything they need to know, the prospect becomes an observer. He or she is “just along for the ride”.

So when the time comes to make a decision, he or she is usually not in “decision making mode” yet. Some people make up their minds along the way, but most of them are just “enjoying the show”.

You need to get them out of that “mode of thinking”, and give them a little nudge to make the choice. If you did your presentation well, and your answers to their objections were accepted, signing up or buying from you should be the most logical thing in the world. There shouldn’t be any reason why prospects don’t buy in MLM.

But since they don’t feel that they have any control, you have to give it to them – by ASKING for the sale.

However, by that time, if you did your presentation well, and the prospect is actually able to afford it (and willing to do the work), he or she will be quite likely to say yes, and sign up.

Note: You not asking is the #1 reason prospects don’t buy – but it’s not the only one. Work on the ones you can control – like doing a good presentation, knowing the answers to potential questions, and ASKING for the sale.

How to ask for the sale when doing an MLM presentation in person:

(This applies when you do a presentation in person, on Zoom or Skype, or even on the phone)

Firstly, you need to try to “read” your prospect. Is he or she ready to buy? Is he or she still reluctant? Are there possibly some more objections or questions that explain why your MLM prospects don’t buy?

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If I may draw a comparison: Doing your MLM presentation is like baking a cake. By the time it is done, the person seeing the cake should WANT to eat it. But if the cake wasn’t baked properly, or half the icing wasn’t done or it just looks sloppy… then that person won’t want to eat it. Of course, out of good manners, he or she also won’t eat it until you OFFER it to them – just like you have to ASK for the sale after an MLM presentation.

Once you believe your prospect is ready to buy or sign up, you can end of with a phrase that will make it clear that he or she have to take action.

In the case of MLM prospect recruiting, you can use phrases like:

  1. Are you ready to get started? (If he or she says “yes”, you can continue by asking “shall we do the paperwork?”)
  1. Are you ready to start your journey to success?
  1. Are you ready to start working on a better life?

In the case of selling products only, you can use phrases like:

  1. Which product(s) would you like to try? (When you offer a choice of products) Or…
  1. Would you like to see how well it works for you? (In the case of offering only one product). When he or she responds, ask them how many units they want.
  1. Which of these products would benefit you the most?

When they make a choice, ask how many would they like to order – or where they would like it delivered to.

There are many, many ways to ASK for the sale. You can search the internet for “sale closing phrases”.    

Asking for the sale when you do the MLM presentation online:

(In a blog post, email series or on a sales page, slide show or in a video)

When doing sales over the internet, you have one disadvantage…

Your prospect cannot raise his or her questions or concerns. not immediately as they read or view your presentation. Yes, they can leave a comment on the blog post or video, but by the time you read the comment, they will be gone.

Note: It is important to respond to such comments, because some people will read the comments, and your answers will address their concerns.

The only solution is to address those potential concerns in your presentation, and ask for the sale when you believe you have done enough to not only communicates the value you offer, but also to address potential concerns or objections.

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Think about it.

Why do you see all of those incredibly long sales letters and sales videos online?

It is because they want to address every possible objection or question before asking for the sale.

However, some people are ready to buy sooner than others – and that’s why you will see many sales letters have multiple calls to action. On sales videos, the “buy now” button appears after the seller made his or her initial argument.

As such, you can – and sometimes should – ask for the sale multiple times during the course of your presentation.

For instance: If you are making your sales pitch in an email follow-up series, ask for the sale after every email that provides valuable information to your MLM prospect. You never know when he or she is ready.

If, however, you have written a blog post of say, 700 words, there really isn’t any opportunity to ask for the sale more than once.

However, you can tie the question to the content of the blog post. For example:

Let’s say you wrote a review about your favourite network marketing product. You can point out everything they need to know in the blog post, and then link to a page where they can purchase it.

Before the link, you can use a line like this:

Would you like to find out just how good this product is? Click here to try it out for yourself.

In conclusion why prospects don’t buy in MLM

The biggest challenge in asking for the sale is to know when to do it. If you do it too soon, the prospect might not have enough information yet to make a choice – or they may still have concerns. If you wait for too long, they may lose interest. This might be why your MLM prospects don’t buy.

The second biggest challenge is to do it in a way where the only logical answer is “yes”. Ideally, you need to do this in a way that does not come across as being pushy – because that can put people off as well, and cause prospects not to buy.

By the time you ASK for the sale, it should sound (to them) as if buying is exactly what they have in mind, or as if it is the most logical “next step”.

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