rejections in network marketingMany people are terrified about having to face rejections in network marketing – or any direct sales, for that matter. But once you understand how things work, it becomes a lot easier to handle… Does that sound crazy? Read on. Firstly, you have to understand that not everyone will be open to what you want to offer. In fact, if you look at the fact that only about 5% of the population is really successful (even less in some countries), you have to face the facts and accept that not everybody has what it takes (guts and mindset) to make something of their lives. Note – “success” – in MLM and any other business – is a mindset. Everything that comes with it (money, recognition and lifestyle) is just “proof” of that mindset. As such, many of the people you may be approaching are not successful yet – but they do have the potential. However, most people don’t. They are either stuck into their comfort zones, or they are too scared or lazy to try anything else besides working for a salary. With these kinds of people, expect rejections in network marketing. Period. But (secondly)there is good news: Among the people you meet in your network marketing business, will be those who really want to change their lives. Those are the ones you will sign up. Yes, some of them will also drop off on time, but others will continue, and some of them will make you rich. Thirdly, there is what is known as the “law of averages”. For every certain number of people you talk to, one will sign up. Sometimes it will take talking to more than the average, and sometimes you may have a few signups in quick succession. But on the whole, the averages will stand. When you start, that “average” number may be poor. You will meet a lot of rejections in network marketing. As you continue and improve your skills, the number of people you need to talk to before making a signup will get better. BUT… Fourthly: The people who will reject you will make up MOST of the “average number” of people you have to talk to before you get a signup. And there is no way of knowing which of the people you talk to, will be open to taking MLM business. If there was, you would be able to reduce the number of rejections you have to face before you get a sale – but most of the time, the people who you think will make good prospects, don’t… The bottom line: You NEED those rejection in network marketing. You NEED them to fill up the numbers so that you can eventually get to the people who say “yes”. If you do not continue past the rejections in network marketing, you will never get to the signups. Don’t fight it – embrace it. It’s a part of life in direct sales and MLM. So -every time you present your offer and meet rejections in network marketing… Be thankful. He or she just helped you to get one presentation closer to your next sale.

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