right MLM prospect“The right MLM prospect?” It may sound like a stupid question but really – are you marketing your opportunity to the right MLM prospects? It may sound weird, but please hear me out – it’ll be worth it. You see, most network marketers simply dive in, and start presenting their new MLM opportunity to anyone who is willing (and often not willing) to listen. To them, “the right MLM prospect” is someone who wants to make extra money, and anything else is irrelevant… And then they wonder why they battle to sign up new recruits into their businesses. The fact of the matter is that, as with any form of marketing, the better you can target it, the better it will work. Think logically – you are bringing a specific “message” (blog post, advertisement, video, etc) onto the internet, and it carries a specific tone of voice. While it might sound to you as if that “message” should work for everyone, it won’t. Let me explain…

Speak to the Right MLM prospect

If you have a journalist, an engineer, a cleaner, a history teacher, a nurse and a mechanic together in one room, would you be able to (without addressing any questions) do a presentation that will work for everyone in the room? Or will some of the people be left out? Will some of the information be too complex (because you aimed it at the engineer), while some of it might not include enough detail (because you tried to keep it simple for the history teacher, for instance)? In addition to that, think about it this way: If you had to imagine “the right MLM prospect”, standing right in front of you, what would he or she be like? How old would he or she be, what kind of work would he or she do for a living, and what would his or her reasons be for wanting to get into network marketing? What challenges would he or she be facing, and what would that person’s life be like? It has to be someone that you can relate to, and that can relate to you as a person. It has to be someone you feel comfortable talking to. And above all, it has to be someone who will not only be comfortable with the MLM opportunity, but who has the right mindset for working towards a goal. Do you have the picture in your mind? Give this “person” a name. He or she is your “right MLM prospect”. There are thousands of “copies” of this person out there – you just have to reach them. But when you do, things will go a lot easier than it would be if you were just “speaking to anyone in the crowd”. Now, when you start writing, or recording videos, or sending emails or messages, create them as if they are written for this one “person”. Keep in mind that not all of your prospects will share the exact same traits, but the ideal prospect will share a good number of traits, or at least share a number of similarities with the perfect prospective target. If you create content aimed at a specific type of person, then you will eventually attract more and more of that specific type of person/prospect. And the more you keep identifying with, and attracting “the right MLM prospect”, the better your closing rate will become. The better your closing rate becomes, the fewer people you need to talk to in order to sign up a new recruit. So – in short: Identify people who will be open to “listening to your message” – and then either go after them, or create the environment that will attract them to you. The results may surprise you.

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