best mlm lead systemFor me, finding the best MLM lead system was a long and complicated journey. I knew what I needed and wanted, but finding something that did exactly what I wanted was a different matter.

Why did I need an MLM lead system in the first place?

After all, you may argue, someone with my experience should be able to simply sign people up.

Well, it’s not quite as simple as that. Not everybody is open to discussing a new opportunity at the moment you approach them.

Additionally, many who are open to discussion aren’t necessarily ready to change companies. And lastly, there are just so many great companies and compensation plans out there, and that makes it harder to sway prospects than it used to be.

As such, I felt I needed a way to inject more money into my business. The best way to do that was by means of a funded proposal – or by making money off the prospects who don’t want to join my MLM company.

Make no mistake; there are many companies that facilitate that. You can get “feeder programs” from as little as $1.50, and some others going up all the way to $150. Most are once-off purchases, while others require recurring payments.

My criteria for choosing the best MLM lead system

Firstly, it had to be something that works. There are many gimmicks out there, and all they try to do is take your money. Unfortunately, people usually see through the cheap and empty offers, and pass it up. I didn’t want to waste the traffic I worked hard to get.

Secondly, it had to attract the right type of prospect. I often spend quite a bit of time communicating with potential recruits to ascertain whether they are a good fit for my opportunity, and vice versa. I didn’t want to spend all that time on people who really can’t afford what I am promoting.

As such, I was looking for something that had the right price point – something that would instantly qualify my prospects as being able to spend money, and being able to afford joining my company. In addition to that, I wanted to have something with recurring payments, for two reasons:

a. If the prospect is comfortable with recurring monthly payments, he or she wouldn’t have any problem with purchasing the required amount of monthly sales volume on an ongoing basis. It serves as an additional qualification filter.

b. Recurring payments means that my income will compound over time as I refer more and more people to the system. As such, I end up making quite a bit of money from everyone who joins, regardless of whether they join my primary opportunity or not. I end up making more and more money every month, which in turn allows me to re-invest more and more money into paid traffic.

Lastly, It had to have a payment system that I felt comfortable with. Living in Africa, we do have some limitations on bringing money into the country. PayPal cashouts are not available where I live, so the fact that I can get paid via cheque means a lot. There is no hassles with e-wallet payments or bank wires getting tied up at the country’s international exchange.

You see, I was not only thinking about myself, but also about the people I will be referring to it. It has to hold value for them, and make them money – or they would stop using it. A funded proposal system has no value if you don’t make any money out of it.

I believe I have found the best MLM lead system

A while ago I came across Online Sales Pro – and I think it is the best MLM lead system because:

1. The value proposition is right – you get a lot for your money.

2. The price point is right for me – at $37 per month, it qualifies my prospects without being too expensive.

3. The payments are recurring – for further prospect qualification plus compounding commissions.

4. I get paid $20 commission per referral per month – via cheque. I have no issues getting my money out, and the costs are low.

5. It works – because of the combination of the previous points.

So – it might not be perfect for everybody. For instance, if you are selling a $10 per month program, it makes no sense to qualify your prospects with something that costs four times as much.

But for me, and I would guess for most people who do MLM, it is the best MLM lead system available today. 

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