unsupportive spouseFor many network marketers, trying to be successful in MLM while having to deal with an unsupportive spouse or partner is a tough challenge. The support (or lack of it) from a person close to you can have a huge influence on your success (or failure).

An Unsupportive Spouse – The two Different Scenarios:

1. If you have been jumping backward and forward through a number of MLM oportunities, you will eventually get to a point where your spouse seems unsupportive. You lose their support due to a series of failures. In this case you may want to try and look at the picture from his or her point of view: How many times have you started in a new program, all fired up, and in the end it just faded away to nothing? You cannot realistically expect unconditional support regardless of how many times you fail. Keep in mind that they do not share your excitement and vision – they just observe it. So how do you fix this – unsupportive spouse? You EARN the support. Firstly, go and sit down with a pen and paper, and scrutinize the way you did things in the past. Where did you go wrong? Fair enough, not every MLM opportunity works for everyone – but if other people were making money from it, so could you. If you really wanted, what could you have done better? Secondly, draw up a plan. Include the time to learn and improve your skills, as well as time for prospecting and following up. Don’t over-commit yourself, because besides burning yourself out, you may also harm your relationship. Do, however, come up with a sensible plan that will take you forward. Lastly, follow through – consistently. If you are all fired up today, but two days from now you choose to take the day off (for whatever non-essential reason), your spouse will not consider you to be serious about making a success of your new business venture, and he or she will simply expect it to go down the drain like your previous attempts. Unfortunately, if you do not commit and work at it consistently, they would probably be right. But if you work at it sensibly and systematically every day, they will soon enough see that you are doing things differently, and you will earn the much-needed support. 2. If you have a spouse that simply doesn’t support you, right from the start, you will need to sit down and have a serious talk. Your spouse might be skeptical about the MLM business model, or he/she may simply lack faith in your abilities. Regardless of the reason, try to bring home the following points: a. If you can make it work, it will benefit both of you (and your children if you have any). b. Not everybody makes it big, but you won’t know unless you try. c. There are people willing to help you learn the skills you need. d. You want to take this seriously, and work at it consistently. e. You want to work at it as best as you can, and see how big you can grow your new business. Lastly, it is going to require some “time investment” from both of you. If, however, you are able to make it work, the rewards will be worth a lot more than the sacrifices you had to make to achieve your MLM success. At the start it might seem as if nothing is happening for a while – but it will pick up speed as you continue. It goes without saying that you will have to remain committed, and work at your new business venture consistently in order to retain the support, and earn their respect (regarding your MLM business).  

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