MLM list building10 MLM list building tips – the final part of the 10 day blog training. In part 9 of the MLM blog training, we looked at why you should consider building MLM mailing list, and now we will take a look at doing it BETTER with these 10 MLM list building tips. Implementing these formula can cause huge improvements in the amount of leads you generate… If you are wondering why I did not go over the “how to” of creating squeeze pages and optin forms – it is because each autoresponder service has video tutorials showing you how that specific autoresponder works, and how to make the most of all of its functions.
If you have not read the part 9 of this MLM Blog Training, read it here: 3 Reasons You Should Start Building MLM Mailing List
So – here we go…

10 MLM List Building Tips You Can Implement – Starting Today

MLM List Building Tip 1. Use a good autoresponder service – like Aweber or Getresponse software for MLM list building. Besides being user-friendly and logically laid out, they are also flexible, and the number of undelivered emails will be few and far between. Additionally, by using any of them, it just creates a better impression if you use a decent autoresponder service on your MLM blog. MLM List Building Tip 2. Offer multiple opportunities for optin in. To really maximize your MLM list building effort, you can have an optin form on top of your page (just below the header), one in the sidebar, and one below each post and page. Remember that different people make their choices at different times/stages during their visits to your blog, and being ready for all of them will simply land you more leads. MLM List Building Tip  3. When it comes to MLM list building, it has been statistically proven (and it remains the top performer for a number of years now) that dark blue/navy blue text on a deep yellow background works the best for the “submit” button on the optin form. MLM List Building Tip 4. Instead of using the word “submit” on your “submit” button, experiment with words that relate to what you are offering. For instance, if you promise to “show how to do something”, you can use the words “yes – show me how”. Or if it is a download (ebook, etc), you can change it to “send my download”. What works best will differ from one network marketing blog to the next, so be open to experimenting in your list buling offorts. MLM List Building Tip 5. If your email subject doesn’t catch the prospect’s attention, he or she will not open it – and you will have lost the opportunity of getting your message across. Always think from the prospect’s perspective: “what’s in it for me?” Give your prospect a reason to open your email – you can experiment with subject lines that generate curiosity, versus subject lines that simply state what they can expect inside. Which ones work best will depend on why your prospect signed up to your list in the first place. MLM List Building Tip 6. You DON’T want to use an affiliate link. Use the “pretty link” plugin to disguise it. It just looks sooo much more professional. Also, that way you do not need to use your autoresponder’s tracking – which may trigger spam filters on some email servers. MLM List Building Tip 7. Try to offer something of value in as many emails as possible. It could just be a bit of information, or a advice, or it could be a link to a blog post that has value – but if you can offer something of value in every email, more people will open every email you send, and you will make more sales. MLM List Building Tip 8. Add a “p.s.” to every email (I just discoverd this one recently). Besides the headline/subject and the intro, the “p.s.” is the most read part of any email. In fact, you can send a plain informational email without any links in it, and just have a short ad and a call to action in the “p.s.” – and you will get sales from that. MLM List Building Tip 9. Add more than one call to action – add your call to action and link to the third paragraph of you email, and again towards the end (and in the “p.s.” of course). Some people may not need to read the whole email to make a decision about clicking on the link, and some may not want to read the whole email. MLM List Building Tip 10. Be careful of “spam trigger” words – which can send your emails to the spam folder. Avoid using words like “free”, “money”, etc. You can do a Google search for more current “spam trigger words” – more are added from time to time. Instead of using the word “free”, rather use “complimentary”, or just use the word “give” (for instance – can I GIVE you a book I wrote?). There is much more to learn about MLM list building – but this should get you off to a good start. Hope you were able to derive some value from the day 1 – 10 of the MLM blog training?
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