Top MLM BlogsThe Top MLM blogs 2016 list was compiled by fellow network marketing blogger Erik Christian Johnson. He used data from Alexa and MOZ to determine the order of rankings, and took into account both the actual traffic figures from Alexa, and Google’s perception of the domain authority for each blog – which he got from MOZ. So – how did I manage to get on the top MLM blogs list? That’s a good question. After all, compared to some of the bigger names I am nobody, and I live in a remote location in Nigeria. Yet there I am, sitting comfortably at number 69 out of 80 top MLM blogs world wild. Now before you consider that to be a “high” number, allow me to put that into perspective: In December 2015 there were roughly 152 MILLION blogs on the internet. While it is true that there are many different niches, it would be a safe guess (considering the popularity of the home based business niche) to say there must be a few hundred thousand MLM blogs out there. Seen against that background, number 69 of 80 top MLM blogs isn’t too bad.

The 80 Top MLM blogs List 2016 – How I actually Did It

This is how I did it – and keep in mind that what I did was nothing special. Most people would be able to duplicate my efforts if they set their minds to it. They just choose not to. After setting up my blog the right way, I simply kept doing these three things:

  1. I am persistent. I simply refused to give up, and continued blogging away. For a while it seemed as if nothing was happening, but eventually it started gathering momentum, and I started reaping the rewards for my efforts.
  2. I am consistent. A few things happen when you do something like MLM blogging consistently. Firstly, it becomes a habit. Secondly, consistency breeds trust. All of the big brands in the world that have been around for decades have built their reputations on consistent quality. When you buy a can of Coca-Cola, you know it will ALWAYS taste the same. I simply made a habit of putting out solid quality content on a regular basis.
  3. I strive to provide useful advice. The internet is all about information. People want answers. In many cases, you will be surprised to know how seemingly simple the questions are. What seems like common knowledge to you, is something that some other people still have to learn.
Of course, it is best to provide a mix of information aimed at both beginners and intermediate network marketers (and bloggers).
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Combining the two simply makes it easier to prove your competence, while still answering the basic questions posing challenges to newcomers. Those who come looking for answers will come to you. At the end of the day, it is really as simple as taking your dream seriously. Do something about it regularly, like writing blog post on a regular basis, and be visible out there on your favorite social networks whenever you can. Think of your MLM or Network Marketing blog like a fruit farmer. He knows that it will take some time for the tree to mature, and he knows it will take a lot of constant commitment before the tree starts bearing fruit. But once it does, he will reap the rewards for many years to come. Bottom-line, you too can start blogging today and be among the top MLM blogs in the years ahead! Be persistent. Be consistent. Offer value. The rest will come by itself.  

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