Multi Level Marketing businessMulti Level Marketing business! The question is more serious than you think. Are you treating your MLM business like a business? Whether you do or don’t will have a direct effect on your chances of success in network marketing… What most people fail to realize (and hence the huge percentage of failures), is that your Multi Level Marketing business is just that – a BUSINESS. Due to the fact that they do have another source of income, they are still comfortably stuck in their (dis-)comfort zone, and their new “sideline” becomes “just something they do…” Bad mistake. Think logically… You want to create a new future for yourself and you family. You want to be able to give them (and yourself) everything you never could. You want to create a “cash flow” from which you can get enough money to do all of this. Do you really think that “cash flow” is going to miraculously appear out of thin air? If you do, go play lotto or sport bet. Building a Multi Level Marketing business takes work. Sure, there will come a time when the work becomes less, and the rewards become more, but at the start it takes work. Consistent work. Most people fail in Multi Level Marketing business because they simply do not take their businesses seriously enough. Ask yourself this question: If you knew that you would lose all your current income in on year from now, and your whole future depended on your Multi Level Marketing business, how hard would you be working to make it happen? Yes, I thought so. You would give it everything you can. However, most people fail to realize that what they are throwing away is not just the money they have spent on the business (which is usually not much), but also the FUTURE they were supposed to have had because of the network marketing opportunity. When they decide how much effort they will put into their Multi Level Marketing business, they think that all they can lose (the worst that could happen) is that they can lose the money they spent up to that point… And of course, since they do not value that investment of theirs, they also fail to acknowledge that, as a business, they will need to spend some additional money on it to make it work. Most people think that the money they spend on the opportunity IS the money they spend on the business… Sorry, NO. In any business, you spend money on advertising – besides the actual cost of running your business. You may have (for instance) everything you need to manufacture fishing rods (opportunity), but if you do not market it (advertising, or visiting shop owners who can sell them for you), you will just end up with a lot of unsold fishing rods. You could choose to spend your time – instead of money – to advertise and contact more people every day, but you will still have to do it consistently. Most people have trouble finding new prospects to talk to every day, so advertising is easier, and more predictable. The bottom line: 1. Take your Multi Level Marketing business seriously. It is your FUTURE. 2. Understand that you will need to spend money (or consistent effort) on your business to make it work. Once you do this, and start treating your Multi Level Marketing business like a BUSINESS, you will start going somewhere. It’s as simple as that.

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