trevoOk, you heard about it – the TREVO business opportunity, and now you want a no-hype review to help you make the right decision! Well, by reading this article, you will learn what you need to know before joining the bandwagon.

My review of the Trevo Network Marketing opportunity was written to be completely objective – and be of value to those who are considering getting involved in it as a means of generating additional income.

The Trevo product:

Trevo is a health drink which appears to have been the product of much thought and research. It contains more than 170 ingredients, most of which have been linked to known superfruits, and many of which have had their benefits well documented by researchers.

The product is also available for sale on shopping sites – and consumers are apparently impressed by the health benefits they have experienced. At $75 per bottle (in Africa), however, I suppose one would expect that to be the case.

The Trevo company:

Trevo LLC was started by two very competent MLM business people, both of whom have extensive experience in both network marketing and business. While it is not brand new, it has only been going for a few short years, so it is possible that the business has not been in many contries.

The Trevo compensation plan:

While the matrix works on a “straight downline” plan, the compensation plan for the Trevo MLM is rather complex, involving eight different ways of getting paid. While it may be somewhat complicated to understand, however, it does mean that it will be worth your while to just keep working, and you will eventually be rewarded in multiple ways for the effort you put in.

The Trevo cost:

In Nigeria, the cost of getting started ranges from around ₦ 38,150 ($200) to about ₦ 277,800 ($1,500). After that, the monthly costs range between $75 and more than $200, depending on the Auto-ship plan you are on.

The Trevo business:

The Trevo MLM back office seems to be well thought through, and a lot of thought seems to have been given to help their sales reps do business online – using the Trevo-given MLM replicated website. They also offer leads for sale to help you reach more people, and grow your business faster.

The verdict:

Firstly, the starting cost of ₦ 38,150 ($200) is a bit on the steep side for most people in Nigeria and Africa. While it is true that there are in fact many people who can afford it, it also means that the target market is relatively small.

Secondly, at ₦12,000 ($75) per bottle, you are unlikely to have a huge market for direct sales, which may constrict your potential income – although they now have the Trevo 2Go (small bottle) which is price at about N1000 ($5).

So – my Trevo MLM Opportunity review result:
Trevo opportunity is’t scam, it’s a legitimate company with great product and business opportunity for anyone wanting to make money working from home.

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