vemmaVemma business in Nigeria is fast spreading just like Ebola news these days. Tracking it way back sometimes in 2012, when a Vemma independent ambassador *name withheld* started promoting Vemma prelaunch replicating websites in Nigeria.

Knowing I’m involved in network marketing, he tried all he could to talk me in to Vemma, (this is usually what they do other networkers) promising to build a leg for me. But I declined the offer.

Why so?

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Well, I know quit well that binary plan (as use by vemma) is like bitter cola, it does not taste as it is felt! Even after I’m fixed as he claimed in the power leg, what next? I would still do the marketing to balance the other leg, so what’s the big deal?

What about you?

Should You Join The Vemma Network Marketing?

Wait, before you migrate, let’s review the Vemma business opportunity.

Since I am not a participant in the opportunity from Vemma, this review is totally objective. While I do make a living from network marketing, some things work for me, and some things don’t.

You may deduce from my review why Vemma business isn’t one of them…

Firstly, there is the price:
AT $499 to start, (in Nigeria with 15,000 Naira), Vemma isn’t exactly cheap. Even at that they say  Fair enough, the rewards can be good, but most people who want to start in network marketing are already on a tight budget – so the high cost of entry puts it out of reach of most people who really would like to do it.

Secondly, there are the logistical problems:
Vemma is a direct sales company, with regular customers who consume their products on a daily basis. As such, one would think that they would have an efficient system for orders and deliveries in place.

However, judging by the number of complaints, some even listed at the BBB (Better Business Bureau), it seems they just can’t take care of their most valuable asset – their customers.

Thirdly, there’s the perception of “bait and switch”:
From doing my research, it seems that many Vemma members feel cheated when they sign up.

Apparently the sales presentation is done in such a way that potential customers expect more than they actually receive. This sugar-coated and high-pressured presentation has caused most people who were previously doing well with their network marketing opportunity to kiss their company goodbye, starting all over again with Vemma. These new recruits are often told to “go and tell prospects what they want to hear”…

Bad move. In network marketing, if you lose your credibility, you are gone. Obviously these people haven’t figured that out yet.

The scale of the misrepresentation is reflected in the high number of cases lodged with the FTC – the Federal Trade Commission in the USA. Keep in mind that lodging a complaint at the FTC involves a lot of red tape, so not many people do it. Most people who feel conned after getting into Vemma, will simply write it off as a bad experience, and walk away from it.

Sure, they will tell everybody they know about the bad experience, but that is as far as it goes. It takes a lot for someone to go to all the trouble of approaching the FTC.

The fact of the matter is that the company has been getting a boatload of bad press lately online, Facebook, TV, News and even on google’s first page – and where there is smoke, there is usually a fire…

After doing all the research about the company for an objective review on Vemma, there is one nagging thought that keeps coming to mind…

Since network marketing is a business, you have to build a NAME for yourself just like any business owner on the main street. People do business with you because they trust you, and expect value for their money. As such, when I evaluate any new opportunity, I ask myself what my friends and customers would think if I had to present it to them. Would I be willing to stake my reputation on it?

Scary facts you may want to know about Vemma and the MLM opportunity:

Here are some examples of information from around the internet about Vemma – and it doesn’t look good…

1. (TINA) published this article –

It explains in great detail how the typical answers given by Vemma why it is NOT a pyramid scheme, simply doesn’t stand up to logic and scrutiny. According to them, it is a ponzi scheme – period.

In addition to that, it appears that the health claims made about Vemma have some room for concern as well – as shown in this article here – (TINA) compiled a report, and submitted it to the US Federal Trade Commission.

Additionally, a number of professional people who used to publicly endorse Vemma health drink, have started taking down information from their websites and deleting videos from Youtube. Testimonials have also been taken down left, right and centre after the recent bad publicity of the brand –

2. On you will find a load of clients who were so upset that they were willing to voice their grievances online –

3. In Italy, Vemma was found to be a pyramid scheme, and prohibited from doing any further business in the country. The Italian Competition and Markets Authority – a local watchdog institution, started an investigation after receiving some complaints. Vemma offered to adapt the payment plan, but that was not enough. They have lodged and appeal against the ruling, but I have my doubts about their chances of success…

4. Vemma claimed to have a business standing with the NBA – which apparently is not true. There were no agreements, no endorsements, and the claim was a false ploy to gain customers. All the NBA did was to test the product once per year for banned substances –

5. The chances for anyone to make any real money from Vemme is quite slim – you can read their own (legally required) income disclosure here – – and decide if you want to be part of those poor statistics.

You may want to read this: Vemma Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!
and also watch this video.

With all these issues on Vemma, I do not feel comfortable offering this to anyone – so I backed away from it. I honestly cannot recommend it with a clear conscience. 

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