mlm prospecting systemMany people don’t even realize they need an MLM prospecting system. They simply work and work, or keep on paying to send visitors to the company’s landing pages, and eventually become discouraged with the lack of results.

There are a few things they fail to take into consideration (if they do it the old way):

  1. There are many, many MLM companies out there. All of them are competing against one another for the prospect’s money. If you simply send people to the company’s landing pages, they see it as “just another opportunity”. You haven’t been able to educate the prospect before sending him or her to the landing page, so they are not going to be in the right frame of mind to consider your MLM opportunity. The prospect is, as we put it, “cold”.
  1. The prospect is, more probably than not, already involved in a network marketing program. yes, it is true that the average networker changes programs every two months, but your chances of catching him or her at precisely the right time are about 5% or so. If you have an MLM prospecting system in place, you will be able to connect with that person, and keep in touch until such time that he or she is ready to consider your proposition.
  1. You are wasting time and/or money. Yes, it might be easy and simple to just send people to the company landing page. Unfortunately, most network marketers are regularly exposed to landing pages and sales pitches, and they become indifferent to them.

As such, you need to send a load of traffic before you sign up one new recruit. If you consider the amount of money you are likely to make from him or her, as well as the potential rate of attrition, it is simply not worth the effort or the money you spent to make it happen.

  1. To make things worse, most company landing pages have been over-exposed, resulting in very poor conversion rates.

Using MLM Prospecting System – the benefits

On the other hand, if you use a professional MLM prospecting system like OSP:

  1. You offer something with a wide appeal – which is a way to get leads and make money at the same time. All network marketers need leads, and they need a system to handle those leads.
  1. You offer something unique – this is not an MLM company whose landing pages have been exposed millions of times over years. It is new, it is fresh, and it offers a service from a fresh angle.
  1. You are setting up an additional stream of income without wasting time on promoting a different opportunity. Some of the people who explore Online Sales Pro will join your primary opportunity – some will do it immediately, and some will do it in the future when they are ready. However, by leading with OSP – MLM prospecting system, you are attracting many people, and making you some money in the process.

This money can then be re-invested in order to send more traffic, collect more leads, and ultimately sponsor more people into your MLM opportunity.

The fact that OSP is a monthly subscription service means that your commissions will compound over time. As such, your monthly income from it, and the amount of money you have available to spend on advertising, will continue to increase.

You will end up generating more and more leads and sales, and eventually end up recruiting more and more people into your primary opportunity.

And that is how a professional MLM prospecting system should work. It should make you more money than it costs you to promote, while helping you to sign up new recruits on the side.

Personally, I have used a few of these systems, and I have found Online Sales Pro to be the best yet. It simply offers the best balance of value, usability and affordability.


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