Getting to write great MLM emails for your autoresponder can be a pain in the neck. What do you write about? How do you put it together? How do you make them convert? Actually, it’s not quite as hard as it seems. Also keep in mind that your results will improve over time as you do it more and more – as with anything else.

Firstly, think logically: Why do people read emails?

Either it comes from someone they know, or otherwise they expect it to contain something interesting or useful.

So – when crafting your follow-up MLM emails, approach it the same way as you approach your blog posts: Try to address a problem in order to write great MLM emails.

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The First Step for Writing Great Emails

Of course, you would like to sell something – so simply craft the email to talk about a problem, and let the product recommendation be the “solution” that you recommend.

For instance, in network marketing, you may want to have a funded proposal (something that many people will buy, even those who don’t join your opportunity).

If I wanted to craft some autoresponder MLM emails to sell a funded proposal, I would focus on writing an email containing 3 to 5 lead generation tips. Afterwards I would suggest a lead generating tool as an easy way to generate leads. After all, who wouldn’t want to get leads AND make money at the same time? This is why you need to write great MLM emails

Additional emails for the same product could include an email about optin page tips, one about creating an offer for the optin page, and the importance of having a funded proposal.

What’s You need in order to Write Great MLM Emails?

Let’s dissect the anatomy of a good MLM emails.

1. The subject line:

Your headline has two functions – firstly, it has to stir curiosity, and secondly it has to give the reader an idea of what it is about. Creating curiosity is easy – but if you do it the wrong way, people can feel let down by the content of the email. Be sure not to say one thing in the subject line, and then have the email talking about something else.

Ideally, your headline should highlight the problem and/or the solution. For instance, if I had to write that MLM email for lead  generation, I would write one like “How I stopped struggling to generate leads”. The reader would immediately see a problem that he or she can relate to, and be curious about what the solution may be.

Always focus on the benefit that the reader can expect to get out of reading the email. That will help you to get more people to open it.

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2. The email body:

The fact that you have to include value in your email goes without saying. If you don’t, you will simply see your open rates dropping in the future. Also, write your email as if you are talking to the person – physically. Email is a very “one on one” medium, with no distractions. Use the opportunity to make the reader feel as if that message was written especially for him or her.

3. Call(s) to action for great MLM emails:

Have more than one call to action in the email – and tell the reader why (for instance – “Follow the link below to change the way you generate leads forever”).

4. Add a Postscript:

Reasearch has show that, once the email is opened, the P.S. is read almost just as many times as the first sentence (many people “skim read”, and may skip over much of the content – but the start and the P.S. will both be read). Be sure to add a final call to action there.

5. Avoid the spam words in emails:

There are a number of “spam triggers” – words you want to avoid using in your MLM emails as far as possible. These include words like “free”, “click here”, “make money”, etc. Keep in mind that you may get away with using one of these words here and there, but there are some email servers that are very strict in their spam rules, so they over-regulate.

In order to be safe, just do a Google search for “free spam score checker”. There are a number of them available – use whichever one works best for you. Then use it to get the score as low as possible. Most email servers only discard an MLM email with a spam score of 5 or more, but some start throttling your messages at as low as 3. Personally, I would suggest you get it below 2 where possible.

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