your mlm blogThat is indeed a good question. Why should you care to have your MLM blog for lead generation, especially when you can simply put up a squeeze page and drive paid traffic to it? Well, firstly you have to understand that “people deal with people”. While it is good to get people on a mailing list, it is even better to have people on that list who resonate with your way of thinking. In short, when someone reads your MLM blog, he or she will see more clearly how much you do think alike, and will be more likely to do business with you. Secondly, people tend to look up to those speaking form a position of authority. Over time, you will come to be viewed as an authority on network marketing. The more you gain traction as an authority, the better you recruitment rate from your MLM blog will become, and the easier it will be to even start promoting new or additional stuff, and have your existing referrals following you. You will eventually be seen as an authority not only by new visitors to your MLM blog, but also by your referrals. People will find it easier to trust you, and follow your recommendations.
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Thirdly, you have to consider this: Building your MLM blog is like planting a tree. It takes a lot of work to get it to maturity, but once there, you will be able to enjoy the fruits from many years to come. Once your MLM blog is up to speed, you will have a constant stream of leads to work with, and it will be a consistent source of new recruits into your primary business opportunity. The longer you continue, the more results you will see for less and less effort. Lastly, you have to have to consider that it is a growing platform. Every single post you write on your MLM blog is “a connection point“. In other words, every post is a potential point of entry for a new client into your business. Why? Because every of your MLM blog post will contain something that someone wants to read at some time or another. Even if just one person reads a specific post, it is someone who was searching for exactly that information at that time. Since YOU are the person who provided them with that information, you have made a connection, and you have a prospect that you can work with. Also keep in mind that, as you continue to promote your MLM blog posts on social networks and on forums, as well as making blog comments on other relevant blogs, you will not only be sending traffic to your MLM blog, but you will also be building a load of backlinks – so much so that Google will start sending you more and more visitors. You should also keep in mind that visitors from Google, although hard to get, are the best possible prospects. Not only are they free, but they are also interested specifically in what you wrote. So – I hope that takes care of the question “why should you care to have your mlm blog?”. Next we will be talking about mindset and motivation, and what you will have to do in order to maximize your chances of long term success with your MLM blog.

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