mlm prospectsYes. Your MLM prospects ALL want the same things. These are based on basic human desires, and if used correctly, it can make you a boatload of money.

In fact, virtually everybody have three basic desires in life:

Health, wealth, and happiness.

It might seem too simple and too broad for you to use – but think of it this way:

Hunger is a basic need. In order to supply that need, some people sell flour, some sell bread, some sell fast food, and others sell restaurant food. The point is that, as long as you can connect whatever you sell to one of the basic desires, you will make money. If you can connect it to MORE than one, you will make a LOT of money.

For instance: Everybody wants to be healthy. And everybody wants to make a decent living for themselves, preferably without working so hard that they do not have time to enjoy the money.

So – you come along and offer them a way to make money and improve their quality of life, which already connects you to one of their basic desires. However, if you happen to be selling products or services that are connected to health or happiness, this makes your sales pitch just so much stronger.

Of course, in your sales pitch to your mlm prospects you should also connect making money with MLM to happiness – in terms of having more time to spend with loved ones, and more money to spend to give the family everything they deserve to have.

Many people say that money cannot buy happiness – I agree but money can definitely add to your happiness if gotten legitimately. The fact of the matter is that money contributes to happiness in two ways:

1. It reduces the pressures of debt and the cost of living. As the world becomes more and more crowded, more and more people are struggling to get by. In fact, it is this very fact that cause most people to look at other options for making money, and supplementing or replacing their income.

2. It allows you to be able to spend quality time and experiences with your family. Let’s face it – a great vacation or travel experience with their families will make most people happy. The truth, however, is that it costs money to be able to do it. The better the experience, the more it is likely to cost.

Of course there is also the matter of being able to buy what you need and want when you need or want it.

Of course, MLM or network marketing brings another dimension to the picture: Being able to take the time to enjoy with your family and/or loved ones.

There are many people who make a decent living – but by the time they get home after work they are too tired to enjoy any of it. The only pleasure they have is a few weeks of vacation every year. The rest is just work, work, work, and trying to rest a bit on the off days in between.They may have wealth, but it surely cannot bring them much happiness…

Your MLM Prospects all want the Same Things:  Health, wealth, and happiness. 

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